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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Is it getting hot in here!!! :/ wheeeew I think I’m just gonna stay in joces thread -you know -just to keep him company-it’s not the fact that I can’t stop looking at this new busts pair of ...eyes ...yeah that’s’s her eyes I can’t stop staring at!!!
    Oh really she has eyes??? I was too distracted by the boobs to notice

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    Finished orcs look great-but admit it they take on a whole new set of characterstics when they are placed next to one another-AND THIS LADIES AND GENTLMEN IS THE POWER OF A UNIT-squad, team etc!!!!!!

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    Thanks guys!

    Much as happened since my last update, hope you will like/love her

    Evelyn WIP

    Name:  IMG_9237 (2).JPG
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Size:  584.2 KB

    Close up

    Name:  IMG_9237 (3).JPG
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Size:  138.6 KB
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    Face is fantastic you have found your niche- however the face is not what we want the close up of buddy- lol

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    very nice indeed joce. She has a really nice gentle glow to her skin. really nice work
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    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Thanks guys golden!

    I worked hard on the face tonight and finished the collar, only need to shine up those metals tomorrow morning and take shots and in the pocket!


    Name:  IMG_9246 (2).JPG
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Size:  855.8 KB

    This is a black and white close up of the face

    Name:  IMG_9246 (3).JPG
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Size:  184.9 KB
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    You’ve been Volomired.....nice one

    (new bust looks ace too!)
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    Just wow. So awesome. I really love your interpretation - so outside the box and creative. Killer, sir. Just plain killer.
    pax et bonum

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    Thanks guys!

    @Hairster, Thanks mate I when right away and checked it out, don't know what that mean but it's nice having my work shared around

    Name:  IMG_9277 (3).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_9282 (3).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_9287 (3).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_9292 (4).jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    What it means, is you’ve done a bloody good job!
    Yes Thanks bro! What I meant more was "is this going to bring more ppl to be interested in my work or not" like this guy on Instagram called #wetyourpaints shared iron heart on his pages and I had almost 100 new followers in couple of days and since like 5-10 new followers every day. I went from 100 followers to almost 300 since then.

    It's funny tho that I like and love Evelyn so much more than iron heart but already have a feeling that she will not have the same fame.

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    Awesome job Joce, another outstanding work of art!!! I love the skin tone, very smooth...

    personally, iron heart is still my fave, Although I think overall this one has out does her... well done man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    @Hairster, Thanks mate I when right away and checked it out, don't know what that mean but it's nice having my work shared around /....
    That means quite a lot!!! Congratulations! Volomir is one of the great spanish painters, he has a blog/website that gives advice and insight into the miniature painters world, has thousands of followers around!
    He also has an acount here but I think he just posts some work onto the gallery, or at least did so in the past:

    The thing I like from Eve is that it seems the same idea as on Iron heart but a bit more technically refined. Although Iron heart is still my favourite too ^^
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Looking great man, been watching quietly on instagram, if you're looking for some inspiration these kind of remind me of xhaan from farscape, not sure how many bald female busts there are out there but I reckon you could recreate this in mini form

    Name:  download (7).jpeg
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    Thanks all!

    I decided to remove Evelyn from P&P, I just found the pictures not to be the best so I a going to take some more shots and decide weather or not I will put her up on P&P again.

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    The bust looks really nice, love the overall coolness of it. And congrats on making the "do not miss" list!

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    excellent work Joce. has a really nice atmosphere to it. she has real mysterious powerful quality
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Thanks guys but time out!

    Touch ups plus new pictures

    Hair, lips, necklaces, fur and collar redone

    Name:  IMG_9302 (3).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_9302 (4).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_9311 (3).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_9321 (2).jpg
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    Oh yeah, now she looks fuckn awesome!!!!!!!

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