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    That patina/tarnished look on the chest is stunning.

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    Thanks equipage!

    I am gonna post the head update here because it's the last post of last page.

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    Sickeningly good MAMS!!!!’

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    You really surpassed yourself on this one; Really beautiful!

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    Already expressed my thoughts on instagram for this Joce.

    It's a stunner. Unique approach and take on this bust that has an ethereal/unearthly quality to it.

    For all the struggles.....there is always a triumph.

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    Thanks all much appreciated! I just feel I lost a bit of motivation for the hair. Ho well next project!

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    Nice! That blue hair really compliments the bust. Such a great all around job on this.

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    Wow. You achieved some really eerie beauty with this one. Congrats.

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    stunning work. shes so eerie looking, well done
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