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    New project, Aquarius bust from Mirico.

    Name:  IMG_20190804_111851_919.jpg
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    Doing a micro freehand scales skin, a long way to go but you get the idea.

    Name:  IMG_20190804_170132_346.jpg
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    Your literally insane!!!

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    that looks really nice! What are your plans to cover the black after you get all the scales on or are you leaving it black beneath?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    that looks really nice! What are your plans to cover the black after you get all the scales on or are you leaving it black beneath?
    Thanks! After doing all the scales I am going to use my shading technique with inks. A strong green for cold under shades and a Phoenix orange for hot highlights. The armor will be gold and the eyes and glows aqua like the base.
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    Sounds cool, can't wait to see the progression on this bust!

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    interesting start, looking forward to se more pictures of this.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Lunatic- thatslooksaick and insanely comlplicated.inly you could pull that off.

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    Wow, I would have broken about 15 brushes in frustration trying to paint that! this just keeps getting better and better!

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    Update; I got to say that at the end I was much faster than I the beginning.

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    More updates;

    The scales face is a real success on Instagram, over my expectations.

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    Name:  IMG_20190809_110341_237.jpg
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    ​That looks very cool. The choice of colors is great.

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    I knew you still had it in you!!!!!!

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    Nice work, the inks look great over that silver base pattern.

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    You really have a unique and distinguishable style.
    I can't say i always adhere to it (tastes and colours...), but it's always masterly executed.

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    Hey thanks all!

    Been busy with other stuff these past few days so not much progress.

    Here is the body armor/suit update;

    Name:  IMG_20190809_194212_586.jpg
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    Gorgeous metals mams!!!

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