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    Thanks all! Sorry i haven't much time to invest in painting and here at the forum, life been a bitch on me and my wife for the past 2 years as left me crippled mentally and physically. If things get better soon (not too optimistic about that) then I might plunge into a golden demon project, now I am closer to put my brushes on the side than anything else. I lost a lot of skill and patience for the past couple of years, not to mention lost of enthusiasm.

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    Do t ever sweat it Joce. All of us have gone thru some crazy stuff. You more than most especially the lady two years. Hang in there everything happens for a reason . Many a silver lining mate . At the end of any and every tunnel, no matter how dark the blackness reaches. Do everything at your own pace. Just keep doing what Jocelyn does. Your a survivor. Ain’t nothing but a peanut to your fortitude and best wishes.

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    Just do what you need to. We are rooting for our forum buddy.

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    I'm trying this verdigris SBS! Really looks great and sounds super simple! Thanks for sharing!
    For HIS glory, by HIS Grace,

    My WIP thread:

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    Forgive the lengthy post, but every time I've logged in for the last little bit, I've circled around thoughts about how to respond to your above post. The concept of not knowing you on a personal level, but still wanting to find some way to help or support you through your hardship has endured. I don't know if you subscribe to spirituality, so I have hesitated in saying that you'd be in my prayers. I don't know your struggle, so therefore, I don't want to just throw in an anecdotal response, as sometimes those are far too generic for any real meaning to them. So after a lot of thought on the subject, I would just like to wish you the best in overcoming your current troubles. I can't wait to see what projects you have ahead of you; you've got a whole community of admirers waiting for when you bounce back to the brush!

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    Thanks all of you, you are too kind with me. Not sure if I deserve all of your nice words since I am not even active in you guys threads. Anyhow I appreciate. I not going to go into details but one thing is I find it extremely hard to find motivation to practice my hobby. I am waiting on some paints from Greenstuffword to start up on my Craven King. Back to tinny scale.

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    Your work is inspiring! I can’t imagine what you are going through, but I’ll try to send some good vibes your way...

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    Cmon mate you can pull yourself out- I know you can you’ve done it before when things were even crazier. We’re here for you!!!

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    Thanks guy!

    I have started slowly on the metals since I did not received my paints from greenstuff world, waiting for the fluorescent paints and the candy inks.

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    Oh yeah now this is pure Jocelyn !!!

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    D d d daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!

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    The pattern on the arms wont stay, only the clothes will have patterns. In the meantime I tried my new paint for the real deal.

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    Awesome things happening here!

    Keep it coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBeebs View Post
    Awesome things happening here!

    Keep it coming!
    The madness begin.

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    Great effect on the cloth though! I might have gotten one strand done and then chucked it in the fire from frustration. Those eyes looking outstanding, did you use the GSW paints for those? If you have used more of them, how are the paints?

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    Interested to hear your thoughts on the inks as well Joce... Scale 75 have bought out an Inktensity Set 2 with more interesting colours as well so I''m working out what to invest in!

    Hope you are keeping well

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