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    You may be able to partially fix the community not appreciating it enough by taking two pictures and putting them side by side or merge it into one picture, one about the actual size of the piece and the other magnified so that they can see the amazing detail you are able to achieve! I know that this isn't totally possible because people have different settings on their monitors and such, but you should be able to get a close approximation and the two side by side should be enough to convey what you have actually achieved in such detail. And such straight lines as well, what brand "magic" brush are you using?

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    @equipage, Winsor and Newton serie 7 #1 but a freak number 1, looks more like a 00. As for doing pictures montage, too long.

    I got fed up today and I really needed closure on the shield, I start to lose interest slowly on this figure.

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    The work, I know what you mean though, somtimes things can turn into a bit of slog
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    I don't want to sound condescending or patronising, but I know that I have to always remind myself of why I am practicing my hobby.
    It is easy to fall into the social online attention seeking hole, and then get demotivated if the response isn't quite what you expect.

    Your work is amazing, you have tremendous skill to be able to paint this way.
    And you *are* getting recognition, as far as I know getting onto Volomir's list is quite the achievement.

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    I am just a big baby! I need more love and kisses! I should not of said anything.

    Crapy phone pictures but here he is, preview on Ares

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    Tremendous work as always.

    And thanks for sharing you methodology.

    I'm starting to feel that paint consistancy is the hardest thing to master in this hobby and its greatly impact the result you can achieve.

    To help people to get a better appreciation of the size of your works, you can take a picture holding a coin beside your mini, it doesn't require any retouching but can help appreciating the scale.

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    nice, loving the bashed up weathered look to the metals.
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    still amazed at you steady hand and super skills buddy!

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    Ares is looking amazing! You knocked this one out of the park.

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    Perfect mini choice for your Metallics
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks everyone! Really happy you like him.

    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Perfect mini choice for your Metallics
    YES! And I was so lucky it was the last one! Sold out!
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    You know my vote -GOLD -oh umm wring site !!!! Lololol

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    Here is Ares first draft.

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    I don't know what next, follow me on instagram.

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    One of yer best you crazy SOB!!!

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    Your true metallic painting skills are amazing. I would love to be able to make renderings like yours.

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    nice work Joce. he looks grand. the free hand on the shield adds a nice contrast to the over all look.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Thanks all, really appreciate!

    Started this beauty, new gold recipe.


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