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    Hi all, if you don't know how to call me anymore, just call me Joce. I started painting miniatures in 1984 but only started painting miniatures seriously last week. I am getting off my lazy butt and I am stepping out of the box!

    These are new pictures I took today

    Protector Prime

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    It is an even more beautiful piece with this new photo and backdrop together it’s a statement of “ he who knows what he’s doing”.. clearly!!!

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    Thank you guys, golden!

    I was expecting few stuff this week, nothing arrived so last night I started on 2 more Protectors to make a squad. I worked really fast and serious, don't want to drag this.

    Progression, almost done.

    Name:  IMG_8382 (2).JPG
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    Gorgeous blue / gold scheme- compliments very well!!!

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    Hello there Joce and welcome to CMON , hahaha ... love the new thread and the new page and the new direction .
    Proud owner of a Teronus TMM original.
    Carpe Diem Carpe Nocturne

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    really like the dark, real gritty finish you have achieved, so much atmosphere looking froward to seeing more

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    Thanks guys!

    Squad is finished, I am waiting on some basing material and chaos bits to complete. They will be mounted on a flat plinth with much more gore and stuff. I don't know what to do next, we will see what's coming in the mail this week.


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    Extremely realistic metals!!!!! Extremely!!!!

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    I love the amount of blood. There's nothing like getting a sense of the real war that is going on daily, and has been for a LOOOONG time :P
    BLAH BLAH...blah.

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    Thanks you guys!

    Not that it's relevant to our hobby but just to share;

    I was bored with research and color studies for my next projects so i decided to have a bit of fun (the colors where already on my palette) so I said why not! And to keep those tinny skills sharp

    Just a few minutes of my time but priceless for me.

    Name:  IMG_8400 (2).JPG
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    Amazing clarity on those SC photos Joce....need to up my photo game significantly. Picked up some more lights the other day to help...just need to nail the picture taking bit and move on from my iPhone/get top grips with the old DSLR I have.

    What camera are you using out of interest?

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    Not a pro so all the terms are fairly new to me.

    I love my camera, it's a Canon Power Shot S100, it's tinny, it's cute and it's as good as a big one. The only thing is it's not going higher than F8 but I manage as we can see. I use a mini tripod that I bought in Japan 15 years ago. So mini camera with mini tripod, perfect for miniatures!! I use 4 daylight lamps, one above the subject but not directly above just a bit behind, 2 lamps on each side and one lamp facing the subject. I shoot in manual of course, manual focus and I give a 2 sec delay, F in the maximum (the more the better) aperture really small and I shoot at around +/- 0 up to -1 1/3 for metallic.

    Picture of the Camera, it's about 400$ Can.

    Name:  frontpage-001.jpeg
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    Here is my setting without the camera, this is the way dennis a artist from the forums here told me how to. Without him I would still be taking crappy pictures.

    Name:  IMG_8193.jpg
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    Thanks...need to keep tinkering I think...hoping the extra lights I picked up will help my next batch of proper pics.

    Advice/insight much appreciated!

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    Pika Chu is unbelievable brother. Capt, sargent, overlord and master of micro freehand.

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    @Hairster; My pleasure!

    @BAM; thanks!

    Ephemeral art

    Name:  IMG_8402 (2).JPG
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    Quick practice, Bohun style! Of course it need more work this is just a real quick test to see if I am able to emulate Bohun's style.

    What you guys think?

    Name:  IMG_8405 (2).JPG
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    Just found your thread! nice one good to see the set up I need to pull finger and sort someting out, I time will come when I want to take good pics and it I wont have the stuff ready, I only have my phone at the mo although its taking pretty good pics just focusing on little things is when it spazzes out. Thanks for the tips on freehand. I painted an eyebrow!!!! (hahaha)

    Loving the new you, I cant say enough that you have a good balance between freehand, TMM, and gore.
    Lemi find Romans Dwarf I love his detailed blood and splatter and tatto's, I think you will appreciate it with you micro skills.
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