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    Yeah crystals kick ass and they are painted pschadeluc the way crystal bend light!!!

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    Your work is mind blowing! Crazy awesome! Those crystals are superb! Definitely one of the coolest things i’ve seen!

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    Wow thanks Wolf! It's the nicest compliments I ever got, makes me blush.

    For the crystals I used dry brush with white paint and then I used inks of different colors and just trying to make something cool!

    Update on Seraphim, the head is protected with liquid mask

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    And I started the metals slowly

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    Oo, this should be good! Big canvas for you to work on! Cool texture you’ve got there.

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    Nobody does the metal quite like The Godfather !!!!

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    Thanks guys!

    @Hairster, definitely worth the try but like I mentioned many times these paints are hell to use as they are thinner base paints, you will need a brand new set of brushes just for them and a new mind set, a ventilated room and a lot of patience to get to know them. You will screw up that is guaranteed!! Even Bohun don't used them anymore cause they are such a pain. The thinner will melt anything if there's to much. I don't want to discourage you I just want to warn you that it wont be easy. To reach my current level I have been developing techniques for 5 years now and still learning. However IF you decide to buy them paints and start using them just drop me a PM, I can give you tips.

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    Wow, learned something new... So these metals are able to be polished/burnished? What do you use to polish them with?

    Now that I kind of understand what the buzz is about, I'm really excited to see what you do with this. Please keep posting updates.

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    This metal is insane! Looking forward to see the end result.

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    Thanks guys!

    @DaBeebs, this effect is obtained with a succetion of layers of shades and highlights. After a shading phase the metals loses it's shine. When I re-highlight after I am been very careful with my metallic paints for light emplacements and I use some kind of brushing/stippling technique depending what I paint. For example a sword will have a different technique than a textured armor but all in all pretty similar, it's the amont of paint the direction the pressure the speed. Actually I only have one good metal brush for these textures and I am destroying it with this mini and the constant stippling. I don't know what I am going to do after that!
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    Taking a gamble here, some you win some you lose. You guys tell me!

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    Not much left to do.

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    Looking bloody sensational bro !!!!

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    Incredible piece Joce -hey your getting pretty good at this ))))

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