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    I'm following along keenly on insta mate. All the pics of this one so far look great.

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    Thanks Fox! Yeah for me Insta is so much better than forums.

    Started on the skin, it will take a while...

    Name:  IMG_20180814_194911_398.jpg
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    Oh man, that’s looking awesome!!!!!

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    Thanks ! Thanks everybody, I am quitting scale models to fucus only in pure freehand in the future.

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    Noooooo....ah man Joce. At least attach the badass freehand onto a banner or something!

    Whatever makes you happy and scratches that itch though dude...thats the important thing

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    I need time to think that is for sure, not having fun anymore. Just having a extremely hard time lately.
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    Omg I Ferkin looove this.

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    Looks great (as always) Joce.

    You should take a perspective break though after this one....stop.... look back at the ridiculous amount you have churned out since you got into the busts...(and all those confrontation minis)

    It's good to pause, take a break and reflect on things...will do you the world of good I hope.

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    Long time no post;

    My first mini since last summer, just need a base.

    Rackham Confrontation Yh-Ibenseth

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    Awesome bro.... nice comeback mini!!!

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    First time seeing your WIP posts... your work is amazing and inspiring. Most excellent and impressed by the freehand work.

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    What can I say ...:-) excellent Joce. Metal master returns.

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    Thanks guys!

    @CC, thanks mate, I almost screw up the metal mask at the very last, I accidentally put to much metallic paint with to much thinner and I didn't wait long enough for it to dry and a stripped all of the layers of paint back to primer... I did a last resort effort to try to save the mask.

    @QP, thanks for your kind words buddy! really gratifying when ppl tells me that my work inspire them.

    @BAM, metal master is back! I really want to give all I have in my TMM book on my next projects.

    Coming soon...

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    Well whatever you did worked a treat... oh and just remember....

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    And damn, I can’t wait to see what you do with those Karol Rudyk busts!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    Well whatever you did worked a treat... oh and just remember....

    LOL@ the pic

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post

    And damn, I can’t wait to see what you do with those Karol Rudyk busts!!!!
    The chick is first.

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    The sky’s the limit for you dear Jocelyn !!! now show us Boyz how it’s done!!!

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    Great little demon dwarf. I’ve never had one, but those Rackham minis are the coolest.
    I’ll be eager to see your work on the larger pieces. Nice to see you around, Joce.

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    Fantastic colors on the dwarf!

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