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    Awesome. I really like the green glowing effect of the eyes. In addition, when you added the green hue to the armor, it almost appears as a green glow that is being reflected in the eyes (almost like cat eyes at night, reflecting the light). Stellar!

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    Very Nice!!!

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    AWESOME. That vampire is a true piece of art. It will be nice to see the woman progress.

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    Looks great, man! Even adding the red tones to the corners of the eyes. What size is this model, and what size brush are you using for such fine details?

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    Thanks Dab! Yeah I saw on the pro's pieces they do the red/pink corners of the eyes. The scale is about 1/12 smaller than my vampire, actually if you look at the last picture on your phone it's pretty close to real size. I have a special micro painting/small details brush I only have one is a freaky small #1
    W&N serie 7. It's one of a kind about the size of a 00.

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    A nice set of ........eyes .... get yo minds out of the gutter .. I’ll tell you this joce... the painting is beutuful it’s a matter of time before the master finds his perfect piece... and to think you haven’t even touched the metal yet. p.s. if the titanic was sinking ide throw her overboard and hang on. Ide never drown. Lolol that ones for you Jocelyn .

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    Really intense eyes, nicely done.

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    Looking good! I'm still amazed at the detail of the eyes and mouth; stellar job!

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    - do you plan to add radial darker lines to the iris?
    - did you check whether the eyes look into the same direction? From this angle they seem to me looking apart. E.g. take a photo in front of the face.

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    @lone, I checked and double checked and rechecked again, that is what I tried to correct and still can't get my finger on it. As for radial line no these are to small, took all of my skills to be able to do what I did already. I will try to post some more angles pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    You should ask some beautiful young blue-eyed lady to take some reference photo

    Hahahahaha Yes!

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