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    Hi all, if you don't know how to call me anymore, just call me Joce. I started painting miniatures in 1984 but only started painting miniatures seriously last week. I am getting off my lazy butt and I am stepping out of the box!

    These are new pictures I took today

    Protector Prime

    Name:  IMG_8362 (2).JPG
Views: 1194
Size:  658.5 KB

    Name:  IMG_8362 (3).JPG
Views: 1130
Size:  343.7 KB

    Name:  IMG_8367 (2).JPG
Views: 1120
Size:  732.2 KB

    Name:  IMG_8367 (3).JPG
Views: 1121
Size:  263.6 KB

    Name:  IMG_8370 (2).JPG
Views: 1138
Size:  725.8 KB

    Name:  IMG_8370 (3).JPG
Views: 1113
Size:  251.2 KB

    Name:  IMG_8374 (2).JPG
Views: 1126
Size:  570.4 KB

    Name:  IMG_8374 (3).JPG
Views: 1103
Size:  218.9 KB
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