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    Thanks guys! happy you like him.

    @Toad, they are really cool minis to have, just really delicate as they used soft metal (lead) for the casting.

    @Fuentes, thanks and welcome to my thread

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    Nicely composed colors on that evil dwarf!
    I've got nosferatu cornelius (hidden somewhere for over a year) from Karol. He's doing awesome job.

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    @Arkaan, thanks! Yeah his stuff is super cool. BTW I added you on Instagram.

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    Liking all the work on the dwarf mate. Nice bit of OSL on the mask around the eye too.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the busts.

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    Nice work. I like how you made the eyes different colors. It makes the osl intriguing.

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    Great to see you back at it Joce! very much looking forward to seeing your take on the Karol Rudyk busts.

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    Armor starting on a MaMs high note -ready to move further !!!! Great job here MaMs.

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    Very nice start with the metallics mate... looking really good in these early stages.

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    Thanks guys!

    @lone lemming, yes I have advices; make sure the head is not to much turned on our left side (her right) because the hand will block her ear, make sure there is no bubbles inside the pieces (mine had a huge bubble on the armored arm) I would start by gluing the head first and then test your arms after, careful with the arm with skin it needs a bit of a tweak to get her hand where it suppose and the arm with armor need some tweaking too but unfortunately for me it was to late, the finger is supposed to be kind of pointing on her cheak but mine is pointing on her hair... I am definitely getting another copy before he is sold out, this one will be like a crash test dummy, the next one should be better.

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    Update; pretty much done with the metals, I am taking a step back to think about my next moves and to fix some bugs.

    Name:  007 (2).JPG
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    Name:  008 (2).JPG
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    Super shiny battledworn all at the same time! You are a magician ,wizard, and sorcerer . Please keep on slinging your seemingly effortless mastery !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuentes View Post
    Fantastic colors on the dwarf!
    really looking good buddy, I've enjoyed seeing them pop up on my insta thread!

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    Thank you very much for the feedback!

    I have a question thou, is her right bra miscasted? On the lower image that horizontal line does not look so good...

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    I didn't look at the line and think that. I though it was battle damage after all the smaller it is the better it protects the wearer! I say Battle damage!

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    Been following along on the Gram mate. Good progress on her, especially on the skin recently.

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    Hey, not fair! When do we get a skin update here? :P

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    looks very promising that's one hell of a bust

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