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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    Looks really good mate.... are you calling this one done now?
    Oh yeah mate, life goes on! Next! I decided to cool it down a notch, CB as put me in a totally different perspective that I almost lost interest in competition and I miss the juice to push and push a single project. I started back to work also a few week ago after the long break because of my wrist and it leaved me less and less time to paint. I realized I am not ready to be that serious about mini painting, need a better home environment and more energy to give into that. I am need more and more and more more more more project before I am ready to push to the extreme of what we saw in CB this week end. So yeah Next! I expect nothing anymore this way I wont be disappointing no more. PPL don't like my bases, so what, PPL don't like my TMM so what, so freaking what, I have more serious things to attend. I have to change attitude and just be happy painting.

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    Bangarang brother!
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    she turned out fantastic Joce. really nice balance of colours, and then when you at the details the play of textures is sublime. and I love the overall chilling scary atmosphere she exudes. really nice work
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    I really like the colors you chose for this, that shade of green works perfectly with that purple.

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    This is awesome. I really like the cloak with the patterns and colour choices. Add in your wicked metal technique, and this is beautiful. Well done. Can't wait to see the next one. Nice fresh perspective on your painting.
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    Just keep painting- Joce the competing part and winning or finalist spots is nothing more than strategically picking a model that works with the style. I wanted so many times to go with a certain model but knowing it would only decrease my chances . Basically I do not paint certain models. This is why I paint for Jan’s friends etc it gives me practice on things ide never paint. Still I wouldn’t ever pick infinity models or high elves or space marines with all their broad surfaces. I pick things that basically my style can hide and short comings of smoothie blends etc. My weathering throws smooth blends out the window and thank god because no matter what I do I always paint and the results are far short of perfect to go against the crystal brush competitors. Just keep painting and eventually sooner than later you’ll find the grail of models. Stick with armor and flesh like the norsica. You do have the talent and the skill so don’t pay no mind to the short term . Think long term.youll be fine there’s no doubt in my mind!!!

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    Btw my vampire did not even make the finals. But I still think it’s one of my best pieces. It is what it is. Like bails says -there’s always another comp with fresh eyes of diff judges. My grot tanks failed two years in a row to make even finals. Meanwhile BLOODMASTER -who is an e trembly tough critic gave them both a silver on P&P and the evil suns tank win me best weathering award at nova . It’s sonewhat of a complicated and subjective thing the whole comp thing. My point is your pieces are incredible and I’m certain you’ll make finalists/place much more than you wouldn’t !!!! you deserve it and owe it to yourself to go to CB and belong next to those other incredible pieces you saw this past weekend. Btw those great artists are looking at your work and saying and thinking the same thing about your pieces the same way your feeling towards them.

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    Thanks for the great comments guys!

    @BAM, Thanks bro, never to late to admit I was wrong and change my way, I am just extremely passionate and like you guys like to mention "insane" it can explain yes but when it doesn't work you have to try to find a way to make it work. Skin+Metals+insane freehand = good recipe Metal monsters are fun but not complete I have to set the metals in second plan and not first anymore, maybe I can pay myself a metal monster here and there but now on 1/3 1/3 1/3.

    I have a Wraith Knight head to paint nothing else, I am waiting on Iron heart, see iron heart will be 1/3 1/3 1/3 but for now just some plain micro freehand for keeping shape!

    Update soon!

    Let's bohunize that head!

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    Do it up like only YOU can!!! I’m sure when it’s no one could tell the difference b/n you and his. And ide also add you know why your successful and in on your way to be even more successful , cause your a thinkin MaMs painter !!! did you catch what I did there!!!

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    @BAM HEHE bro, BAM help his community! BAM as motivated and teach so many painters it's insane!

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    Wow, that's an excellent contrast of shades you've got. That greenish tint goes so well with that purple. And as I said earlier, that cloak really add an extra element of wow to the whole thing.
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    The Death Knight looks great Joce, I'm sorry I'm not on P&P to vote.

    Keep plugging away and persevering buddy, what you do is incredible.

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    Damn this is hard!! I have the wrong head to compare with bohun so I will stop here, but I am afraid, that he is as tinny as me it makes no sense! how can he be as tinny as me...

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    well buddy. I think it's looking good and I don't have the brush control you have or the patience! has he got a knight of a lord?

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    @Canny, A Knight, this is a lord's so I order the other. I think my head is smaller, it don't add up. This is the smallest I can possibly paint so i'am saying it's impossible he's that small!!

    So if a wraith knight's head is bigger then a wraith lord's head than I am much smaller than bohun but if both are equal I am in deep shit!
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    I'm pretty sure lords are quite a bit bigger! dio you are all good. although the tribal tats that Bohum did were amazing and unsure the size of them. I wouldn't fear or freet mate just enjoy what you like to do. I always enjoy checking in and seeing your skills!

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    The wraith lord is deffo bigger. But big or small details, yours will also have that flare of yours, that is unique and makes for a great model to look at.
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    A wraith lord is about 2x the size of a lord, if you Google wraith lord size theres a picture with both of them stood next to each other but my tablet is not letting me save the picture to post it, also remember bohun basically works in the opposite way, where you are painting the white lines he would be painting the black lines onto a white base

    Anyways I think it looks good but the bottom line is it's meant to be fun, if you don't enjoy painting to compete then why do it?, It's like working your way up to becoming CEO of a company you hate working for, the more fun you find a project the better it will turn out in the end

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