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    Shit guys! Thanks! Thanks a million XOX

    @KB, always there to set the clock straight, you are right next time I paint her I will put more love everywhere, thanks buddy!

    @OZ, thanks! I wanted to created a strong bound with the viewer, push the viewers to gaze into her eyes and stay riveted there hopelessly.

    @Digg, come back 80 times please.

    @CC, thanks mate, please come back and back again

    @BAM, Thanks a million bro you know this is because of you we are not going to lie and say it's me me me no no no this is you bro, you told me just paint another mini and it will come!!!! BAM is the mother of MAM plain and simple.

    @Coyote, thanks man! I am glad you think the brighter pictures are nicer because I changed all my pictures for the gallery.

    @Anagram, thanks so much! If a lurker take time to stop and praise me than I can say I did good!

    @Epic, thanks bro! You always been a good painting buddy, was sad to see you go hey life is a rocky road what can you do! Anything can happen at any time! I am glad your back!

    @Sick, thanks man it means a lot, all what you guys say means a lot to me, it always helps me keep pushing my passion with mini painting

    Alright thanks all of you guys!!! You are golden!!

    Back on track with these future projects I picked up yesterday after work

    GW lovers

    Name:  IMG_8961.jpg
Views: 220
Size:  1.02 MB

    But first I am doing a second guy for my Orc clan squad

    Tonight's quick paints

    Name:  IMG_8987 (2).JPG
Views: 219
Size:  676.4 KB

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    Rock it mate!!!

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    On 5th tI'm now. Should hit 80 in a few
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    If any one care to vote, Iron heart is in the gallery here

    I got something for you digg, a nice demented orc.

    Not much done tonight but manage to advance on the skin/face

    Name:  IMG_8992 (3).JPG
Views: 197
Size:  906.9 KB

    Name:  IMG_8993 (2).JPG
Views: 189
Size:  410.0 KB

    Name:  IMG_8994 (2).JPG
Views: 192
Size:  799.6 KB

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    Orc skin is fantastic mate....

    oooohhhhh twig men now that’s going to be a sight to see, looking forward to your take on them!!!

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    Voted and commented!
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Wonderful work here!!! Fantastic painting. Bye the way your score atm is where your newest piece deserves to be. told ya!!!

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    I'm loving where that orc's skin is going. Great texture.

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    Voted buddy. Loving the green skins recently, and I can imagine you’ll have some great things in store for those revenants

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    You have found your stride! The sword lady is the most epic thing you have done! Next level mate!!!!

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    the orc is looking great, really cool colours and textures, your pulling loads of character out. really nice work.
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    Thanks both! Thanks for your kind words!

    Please vote for Iron Heart in the Gallery here:

    Crazy Orc dude finished for now

    Name:  IMG_8998 (2).JPG
Views: 141
Size:  314.1 KB

    Name:  IMG_9002 (2).JPG
Views: 139
Size:  332.9 KB

    Name:  IMG_9006 (2).JPG
Views: 143
Size:  348.0 KB

    And they were 2, 6 to go... I decide after 4 of them I will do touch ups on them and then continue with the remaining 4, otherwise I will get sick of them and abandon.

    Name:  IMG_9010 (2).JPG
Views: 140
Size:  462.1 KB

    I think the Twig dudes will be next on the table
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    Nicely done. You’re knocking it out of the park at the minute.

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    Yup greenskins looking awesome, should make for a cracking display group when done. Great these are all so different too, plenty to keep you motivated.

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    Realism !!!

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    Yes yes yes the clan is coming hahaha, this is awesome joce.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    You are definately on a roll. You are kicking out some consistently cool looking complete minis.
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    Hey thanks guys! I am glad that you enjoy the Orcs that much! keeps me rolling.

    Lots of work on the table;

    I want to do these guys at competition standard so don't expect then too soon, I foresee a lot of frustrations and pauses on them.

    Name:  IMG_9014 (2).JPG
Views: 110
Size:  1.13 MB

    For starters they are a BITCH to clean, countless pointy details to clean, super fragile and super tinny...

    Name:  IMG_9015.jpg
Views: 110
Size:  860.0 KB

    I want this guy at a competition standard with impossible tinny freehand all over and inside a tower with windows looking at the cosmos. So yeah don't expect to see him either complete any time soon.

    Name:  IMG_9017.jpg
Views: 109
Size:  1.21 MB

    and another Orc for my Orc clan, this time with a 2 handed sword, this one you have a chance to see sometime soon.

    Name:  IMG_9018.jpg
Views: 108
Size:  845.2 KB

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    Yeah haa congratulations! I know you would be happy to know you just got 90 on PnP!

    I have that farseer too. I look forward to seeing how we tackle it! I like the cosmos plan. you can never have to many Orcs!!!
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