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    Congrats on the P&P gold status. Definately deserved.

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    Thanks kruly!

    Update on the orcs;

    This one finish for now

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    And they were 3

    lighting is fucked up on these

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    I love when we as artists sit back and occasionally paint just as a relaxing venture instead of painting for comps . It really does help the mind reinvigorate itself. Also some of the best work can come be produced as a result of this . Like these guys here!!! Excellent work the clan grows.

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    really nice work on the orc. cant get over how fast you are going. if i did a model that quick it would look a right mess

    the thing that stands out for me is the colours they eem to be desaturated and saturated the same time. really interesting effect. makes you want to keep looking
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    I agree with Coyote... they have something special and quite distinctive MaM
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    Thanks guys! Nobody noticed the tinny freehand on the gauntlets?

    @Coyote + Meanas, Simply because the technique is injecting de-saturated layers over saturated layers over and over, let's call it the Orcs technique LOL I keep a restricted pallet and use aqua blue as a team color. I pick in my paints 1 red, one green, one flesh, one yellow, black, white, aqua blue, ruddy brown for the leathers and some chestnut ink for the teeth and nails I use dry retardant plus water and I am fast and precise like a shark! That's it everything else is mix of all these colors it happens in the wet pallet! Oh yeah almost forgot + my metallic techniques as well!

    Today I worked on the preps of another orc and the Farseer, the Farseer's head will be next. I will probably finish more orcs by the time I am done with this head!

    Name:  IMG_9094 (2).JPG
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    Oh look tiny freehand on the gauntlets
    these are looking great man, the squad is coming together super quick...
    looking forward to seeing what you do with the farseer

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    Oww! Mr Eldar farseer looking forward to some swerly cool things here! Lovely work on the orcs!

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    Hell yeah!!!!!

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    And that was just the face.... I like that it looks like a design and not like a randomized drawing. Great
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    Looking good Joce, assuming you have pre thought out the makes a remarkable difference for me. Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

    Going back to the orcs, would be fascinated to see your paint application process. It crossed my mind when you did the first goblin, you seem to have barely any paint on the mini in some areas...(not a criticism, I just find the approach interesting as it is so different to my own.) I generaly find it so intriguing how everyone approches things differently.

    I suspect if we could all have insight into how we all go about the process of starting to lay down paint on a mini we could all learn a huge amount from each other.

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    Far out man, this is brilliant... really can’t wait to see what colours you glaze it with!!! Just brilliant

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    brillient start. the pattern suites it well, and flawless execution
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    Ladies and gentleman.......JOCELYN GOYETTE .....

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    Holy crap. That is some tiny freehand.

    Awesome stuff Joce. Personally I would keep the rest of the helmet a solid colour without the freehand, maybe a little bit of the pattern on the vane structure off the back of the head. Just so it draws the eye to the face plate. Just a suggestion.

    I love it so far though, and anything you do from here will be outstanding I’m sure

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    Slooooow hannnnd ...eaaaasy touch!!!

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