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    Yeesss!! This last one... I think it's my favourite from the group... I will let myself down till I see a picture of them together though.
    Big thumbs up for the accomplishment
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    F-in Stupendous bud!!!

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    They are looking awesome all together. How many more have you got to go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    They are looking awesome all together. How many more have you got to go?

    Thanks! That's it 8 total, working on the display diorama base ATM. I still got a Army box full of them Rackham Orcs but for now that will suffice, I am really happy with my production speed standard delivered. I learned a lot doing those orcs, it's really good experience.
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    Awesome work pumping out these guys so quick, with a wicked paint job on all of them too... they look really solid as a unit!!! These orcs are really cool!!!

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    Super! they look even better as a group. Is it me or you have refined their eyes? Maybe are just better pictures... but it seems to me...
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    Your a wizard of paint my friend. A FREAKIN WIZARD!
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    The group together looks awesome. I get an old school vibe from minis and the painting, which I really like.
    pax et bonum

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    Really solid group Joce, quick, impactful painting on these with the obligatory lovely tarnished blades and seem to be on a roll at the moment. Great to see.

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    Thanks guys!

    What do I do these days you will ask, well apart from breaking in pieces my attempt at a diorama for my orcs I started a tribute to Iron Heart because she is lost/stolen in the mail!

    Name:  IMG_20180521_194121_126.jpg
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    Are you serious!!!! Where did you send her to? I know when I order anything from the northern hemisphere it can take anywhere up to 8 weeks to get it!!! That sucks if it’s lost !!!!!

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    Can't really gives details, she was due 2 weeks ago but never arrived at her new home. The collector still thinks it is stuck at custom but me I have a weird vibe about this.

    So with do you think!?

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    Yeah don’t know man, I have ordered stuff on eBay from China and Russia before and it was weeks and weeks late, I thought it was dodgy but gave them the benefit of the doubt and they did arrive... some countries have really slow customs and postage??? I would say hang on a bit and see what happens... do you send registered as it should be tracked???

    im still a bit bummed your sold her though

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    That is the thing, no tracking because it would of been way more expansive. I never had anything lost in the mail before and I sold and bough a shit load of miniatures on e-bay and never had anything lost... So I had blinded Faith.

    WIP Tribute to Iron Heart, oh yeah the last 2 pictures were taken with my phone and not my camera.

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    To coincide with CC, my packages from China and Russia usually take 6-8 weeks, even though they often arrive at customs within a week or two. I believe that here in Canada, the fentanyl epidemic has a lot to do with the increased customs times, as they are heavily screening small Chinese and Russian packages (that's where the drugs are coming from). Not sure where you're shipping to/from, but I wouldn't lose faith yet!

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    Oh! saw the bad news on insta ;( sorry for that issue... I am sure it will be stuck at some point of the mailing process, and it will arrive at it's destination late, but safe and sound.
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    Hahahah Have faith have faith but in WHAT!? Maybe faith is because I lost the first one it push me to do this one. I believe my package will not turn up, I have a strong feeling about this.

    Iron Heart enhance edition WIP Just need the OSL/red glaze around the eyes.

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    Name:  IMG_9611 (2).JPG
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    Looking brilliant mate, it’s like déjà vu

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    Hehe thanks mate! Final shots in manual should be interesting.


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