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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    Much better!

    Please post the reference photo, too!
    Thanks lone!

    I want to post on this page so ppl doesn't have to go all the way at the end of the last page. Can't wait for camera pictures and not this crappy phone ones.

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    Thats why MaMs I always say attempt then reattemot again never sell yourself short. I’ve seen you do some incredible things with a brush . Including radial lines .

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    So can you introduce us!!!! . Wow the camera pictures ruuule!!!! Shays beutifool(said Like crocodile hunter)

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    Coming along nicely. Curious what you are gonna do with the clothing.

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    Thanks guys! next will be the fur but before I do that I will mask the skin with the wonderful liquid mask! Oh yeah I need to do the arm too and hand!!! Also a dragon tattoo on her arm
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    Those eyes are hauntingly mesmerizing.

    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Also a dragon tattoo on her arm
    This is going to be uber cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    Those eyes are hauntingly mesmerizing.

    This is going to be uber cool
    Thanks Kb!

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    That's a really nice looking tattoo. Excellent work.

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    Your micro painting benefits so much more from being planned and thematic to the model Joce, this looks fantastic so far mate.

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    Looks great, man.

    Noob question are you painting that tattoo; is it like a super special brush with 2 squirrel nut hairs? That's ridiculously small, yet clean. Do you hit it with black/brown/grey? How thin is the paint? Are you glazing with multiple passes, or was this a "hit it, and quit it" situation?

    Awesome job! Keep it coming!

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    Thanks guys!

    @flu, thanks man glad you like it.

    @hairster, thanks mate! I know that my free-freehand sometime doesn't make much sense but it's so much easier that planed and organized. This is as far as I am going with this one, I just don't have the patience and energy to do more, besides I am really happy with results because at one point I was certain I could not pull it out.

    @dab, I use my micro freehand technique, technique that I have been developing since 2015. However since my surgery to the wrist in 2017 am not as comfortable as before with that huge metal plate an 6 screws on the ulnar bone... Anyway I use a freak W&N serie 7 #1 that is the size of a #00 and a jeweler's loupe and of course steady hands. As for the paint that's the tricky part! As to he thin but not to thin, I thin dow with dry retardant only.
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    Love the model so far, and this tattoo... beautiful ! It really add some character to the model.

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    That tattoo is looking amazing! Wow!
    With what medium did you apply the lines of the tattoo to the arms? The micro-freehand is done with a 100/0 brush? ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    That tattoo is looking amazing! Wow!
    With what medium did you apply the lines of the tattoo to the arms? The micro-freehand is done with a 100/0 brush? ;-)

    I use regular acrylic paint but instead of water to thin down I use dry retardant. The brush cannot be to small, like a 2 squirrel nuts hair brush wont be helpful because since it's so small it wont hold enough paint and will dry in a second. You need a brush with a good point, a point where you have like one hair that stick out of the bunch but not to much. Then I use my vision tool to single out that very same hair, that is when the ultra brush control start. Like I said before it's not the vision the problem, the problem is paint constituency and super control.
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    Super and ultimate!!!! Such a vast possession of tale t and skillset!!!! These are your golden years joce I’m so glad that you stick it out through all life’s toughness cause in the end it all channels itself through you!!!

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