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    I have to admit, your fine line detailing is crazy good! I have been told (and from personal experience) that straight lines is pretty hard because if you mess up we immediately notice it (unlike some random squiggly pattern) and you are ace at getting those straight (or damn close to it) lines looking incredible!

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    Thanks guys, very kind!

    @equipage, yes straight lines are harder to do than squiggly patterns and I have to add it's even harder on curved surfaces like a face then on flat surfaces. Also white paint is harder than black paint because it chalked a lot more.

    Actually I have no idea what I am doing, I had no plans no preparation no drawing before no sketching to follow no thinking before. I just let my imagination run wild and used all of my skills to a maximum and hope for the best, the only thing I wanted is a symmetrical pattern and not a squiggly free freehand type of pattern like I do some times. It is much harder and much much longer. I just hope it will be worth my efforts, one thing for sure is this time I cannot blame myself for not putting enough efforts in a piece.


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    I can't imagine doing those straight thin lines in white at that scale - madness
    It is looking awesome though, keep going!

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    I am stunted, was browsing Volomir's list for week 36 and I stumbled on Aquarius... It's the second time I managed to make Volomir's do not miss.
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    Congrats on making Volomir's list!

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    You keep doing those metals at the rate your going you’ll be makin it everytimr you post on P&P

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    excellent work. looking really cool.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    There’s something very wrong with you mams... like really wrong- you must be getting the stickiest ickiest ... cause this is how you paint when the mean green opens up certain places in the darkest recesses of the mind.. Inhale.... hold for 10 ...exhale... repeat.

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    That’s looking awesome, so creepy.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Thanks guys but I was not happy with the results so I redid some stuff.

    @BAM, lol you my man!

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    And now you are just showing off with those crazy good white lines. Making everyone else feel like unworthy mere mortals. But well done anyways.

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    A little late to the party, but huge props for making Volomir's list!!! Well deserved!!!

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    That’s hat happens when one doesn’t ever give up and just continues to do relentlessly what one loves. ;-)

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    Thanks guys! Thanks for your nice comments!

    I gave a bit extra work this week end to wrap this us, it's rare that I feel happy about a finish project but this time I think I am happy.

    You can vote on P&P here

    Without prolonging the suspense I present you Scorpio;

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    Really cool, Joce, and totally you! Congrats on making the list, too, that’s a wonderful recognition of your incredible efforts.

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    Another beautiful mini.
    You really mastered the art of painting metal.
    It looks more like a metal one on which you applied paint, than a plastic one painted as metal.

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