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Thread: The Bunker

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    Brilliant... you need a smaller coin for size comparison

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    3 things that Jocelyn is!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    3 things that Jocelyn is!!!!!!
    Thanks bro! But ppl in the hobby don't recognize my tinny work, maybe when I am dead and 6 feet under they will realize that this kind of work in in the realm of the impossible to do. In the meantime to get my name out there I have to do what ppl WANTS TO SEE, big big big 1/10 scale boobies warriors.

    Good news tho, I received my basing stuff to complete Norska's base so STAY TUNED LADYS AND GENT!

    Ho BTW I will need a big big favor from some one in the UK, if that interest you (you will need to invest a bit of time) send me a PM here.
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    Hey don't knock the booby warriors! You've done great on the cent, I've been keeping track on instaInst, if it's any consolation even my boob warriors don't get much attention on Instagram, but your cent is amazing in technical ability and no one can say otherwise

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    Hey, I love boobies warriors too! I ordered 2 new freeman, the bust and the death warrior!

    Alright, I have no time for to much sentiments right now I got to stay focus and just onward toward! Thanks to all my followers and fellow painters I still have a lot to learn but I am sure that my pointy brush is accurate. To me it's exalting to paint at this level but also really draining.


    So with my usual luck, instead of telling me BEFORE they ship my order, (*&%^ morons. So after waiting ALL this time to finally get my snow stuff

    Name:  IMG_8651 (2).JPG
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Size:  1.52 MB

    That made me pissed! So I told myself nothing is going to stop me! I am not at my first hobby hours!

    Zinc tablets and salt crushed with a small pin...

    Name:  IMG_8653.jpg
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    I will play with snow tomorrow in the meantime let's cross fingers

    Name:  IMG_8654.jpg
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    I am ready for this guy

    Name:  IMG_8650 (2).JPG
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    Cricky lots has happened over the last few days. The cent has turned out really nice. Wish I could see it for real as I bet it looks fantastic.

    Really nice progress on the base. The fished piece should look fantastic.

    cant wait to see what you do with the Nurgle fella.

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    That seems like half of the businesses in this hobby have a..."dysfunctional customer service" approach.

    That penny turned out great...but the copper tmm on the back could use some work! Lol

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    Thanks guys!

    Here some boobies warrior

    Spring Fever is on P&P VOTE PLEASE

    Spring Fever

    Name:  IMG_8671 (5).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8655 (4).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8659 (4).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8667 (4).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8663 (4).JPG
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    Oh yeah, norska turned out absolutely superb. Bummer about the snow, but your plan B turned out fantastic. The base is epic, looks so good!!! Can’t help out with the votes on p&p but you get top marks from me mate, another amazing piece of art you have created.

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    very cool mate. great detail on her and love the monotone look of her too. I feel the base needs to be darker and match the tone of the mini. The metal is superb and I will be leaning on you for an up coming project Harald the dwarf.

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    love it mte, I love the coldness to her. it really balance the figure against the scene. you've done yourself well there mate... I can't vote on P&P untill I've painted something lol.. better get this house move done so I can start voting for you peeps on P&P.


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    oh yeah, no mucking around here... KAPOW, straight into awesomeness!!! Looking really good man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Thanks guys!

    Update on the big chap

    Name:  IMG_8688 (2).JPG
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    bloody hell, that was fast... super fab mate... loving it so far


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    the finished norska lass looks fantastic. really nice work. well done

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    man you guys have some mojo! I need to charge up! looking good mate!

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    Keep on keeping on can’t wit to see it finished!!! I love nurgle shit Jocelyn !!!! And now my childhood icon will be painting him up!!!! Chica chica yaays!!! Fogle (you look like a 16 yo pedofile) Mohamed mclovin!!!

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    Norska is looking fantastic MaM, and the progress on the Nurgle bloke is excellent so far. Top work

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    Thanks you guys you are golden!

    You guys deserve an update! BRB!



    Advanced a bit, really simple palette btw.

    Name:  IMG_8689 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8690 (3).JPG
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    I am planing a surprise
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    That Lord of Plagues model is a straight up GW classic. Making great progress Joce.....looking forward to seeing how his one turns out!

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