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    Hello all,

    I've been looking for a new hobby for a few months now, got turned on to some cool miniature painters through Twitter, liked what I saw, asked for a few supplies for Christmas, and then Games Workshop opened a brand new store in my town. Some would call that a sign. So I'm brand spankin' new to this whole thing. Thought I'd post pics of my first-ever minis and get some feedback. Here goes with a small band of Night Goblins:

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    Hi Projectionist, and welcome to the hobby!

    For some first-time models, they’re looking good. You’ll find that most of your advice early on will run along the lines of ‘thin your paint, use more contrast’, but it’s better to show rather than tell. Have a look at the warhammer TV painting tutorials on YouTube They’re great for beginners, and do a really good job of explaining how to get good looking models fairly quickly.

    But you’re certainly on the right track to begin with

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    Welcome along,

    Nice start for first time models as Fox said.

    Pretty sure the was a warhammer community post about painting Night Gobbos/Grots a while ago....

    It's a simple step by step to get the basics.

    As fox said soak up as much as you can in the ay of youtube tutorials and other people pictures.

    Good brushes, properly thinned paints and loads of parctise and you will make solid progress quickly.

    Keep it up...keep painting and each model will get better.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome, and the links. Watching others paint is going to be key, I can already see that now. Thinking back, my brushes were probably always too dry, and I was trying to mix colors on the mini instead of on the palette.


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    well blending multiple colors on the mini is a technique called wet blending. Just don't ask me how to do it because I'm still quite the noob at painting myself. Your minis look pretty good for the first minis you have painting. The key, like mentioned above is to thin those paints. Multiple thin coats will always look better than one thick coat. Just keep at it and do like I do youtube and follow some of the amazing artist here on CMON. There is some really great people here that are very helpful and friendly to boot.

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    Much better than most of our original paint job on our first models. Your way ahead of the curve. Paint as often as you can, research, application thanreresear h and than more. Application. The more minis that pass thru your hands the greater your skill set will become. Warm welcome!!!

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    Metal: I think you're right, I am hooked for life.
    Blood: Thanks for the encouragement! Are you two related? You have the same surname.

    On to mini number two: After watching a bunch of videos, I thinned way down and tried my hand at shading on this freebie GW Stormcast. Primed with leadbelcher, base of stegadon scale green, highlights with temple guard blue, and a shadow of screamer pink. Shoulder pads I'm happy with. The shield came out splotchy. I think my edges are getting too dry while blending which is causing dark bands (is that called coffee staining? I read that term somewhere and wasn't sure if that describes what's happening here.) It was looking better before I decided to try and give the shield's hammer a Drakenhof Nightshade wash. Then I mucked it up more trying to fix. Oh well!

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    lol, yeah. I should have done something about that seam before starting, but I haven't gotten to the gap filling tutorials yet! In all fairness, that's a stupid place for a join on the cheap Stormcasts that GW gives away in their shop.

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    Projectionist : yes that’s coffee staining.btw it’s actually a pretty damn good attempt at one of the harder things for those new to the ever growing ART of miniature painting and fine scale modeling!!! We all go thru it. However embrace the muck ups . The more you do the more you I’ll learn to try other things gs , feathering or glazing in your shades night give you an easier time. At this stage think bout the screwups as hey guys are the forum how do I prevent this- we come in and try and give you all diff ideas. You won’t know what your niche is so you might have to try em all. Just keep painting and each time if you know what your trying to get right you will on the the next model and better on that and after a few you’ll get it right . Than maybe you’ll practice heads, or leather it’s your journey we’re here along the way.

    BTW - yessir me and MAMs are of the same cloth!!! We bleed metallic acrylics - it’s our lil hang. But sure to grown in numbers shortly!!! It’s our way of paying homage to one another!!!! And also we can both paint really well!!! you’ll be there shortly!!!
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    My first Liberator is wrapping up I think. Definitely need to practice edge highlighting, it's easy to go way too thick. And I did a drybrush of bright silver late in the process which kind of flung silver dust over the whole model that I'm just going to live with on this one as a learning experience. Managed to touch up the shield a bit from the previous state. The photographs really accentuate the banding in the blues/purples, most of which I can't even see with my aging eyes IRL. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but if there's any glaring issues that I should tackle, please let me know. Still need to do the basing. I also experimented with another shield to do a star field effect with a toothbrush spatter, which I like.

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    First ever models? Ye Gods, youi're a natural! It's like the prophecy foretold!
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    Hey you are more patient then me with these cheap models! I just threw mine in the bits box. Great effort on the shield I'll give you that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meph View Post
    First ever models? Ye Gods, youi're a natural! It's like the prophecy foretold!
    no kidding. Your first minis make mine look like dog pooo!

    Welcome to the forums. Your initial work indicates you have decent brush control, so keep paining and you will get better. The best advice I can give you at this will get a lot of advice, so don't be afraid to try it but avoid trying it all in one step to get steady improvement that you can work into your default routine.

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    Aw, shucks. Meph, BAM, MAM, KruleBear... everyone else: you all are so unbelievably welcoming and positive. It's like these forums exist in some other parallel internet that has never been tainted with the stink of YouTube comments or drive-by Twitter sniping. I have no idea who any of you are, but oddly, you all make me want to push myself. I don't have anything else to say but Thank You!

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    Okay, finished up this Liberator and I'm moving on to something new. (what exactly that is, TBD.). Discovered that edge highlighting gold with bright silver is pure magic.

    Got out the proper camera with a proper lens and ran the pics through Lightroom for a tiny bit of color correction.

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    welcome to the hobby, very good painting for someone new the hobby, you will go far.

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    Very good for your first and the good picture let’s everyone see how well you really did. I give you a tip of the hat if I was wearing one and encourage you to jump feet first into another one so you can keep your skills going. Your doing great mate- I am using a phrase I’ve coined-“the more models that pass thru your hands the better your skill set will become and the faster it will become good, learn everything and keep what works - dismiss the rest!”

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