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Thread: H: AoW Dwarf army, Rackham confrontation magazines W: $ or trade

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    Default H: AoW Dwarf army, Rackham confrontation magazines W: $ or trade

    Updated 2/16/18

    I have the below models for sale with some options for trade but mainly looking for paypal. I can send pictures to an email if interested. None of the prices include shipping. If you jave any questions i will get back to you asap. Thank you.

    Thank you for your time.

    Have: Avatars of War PENDING
    1 dwarf berserkers box
    1 dwarf thunderlord
    1 dwarf noble
    2x Dwarf lord (ment to lead each iron shield group going from 19 to 20 Dwarf unit)

    20 sMarksmen
    19 Dwarf Berserkers
    3x 25 Dwarf Bronze Shields( kickstarter resin models, not for sale yet)
    2x 19 Dwarf Iron Shields ( kickstarter resin models, not for sale yet)
    $225 shipped in a army transport, may be open to selling units if you buy a few at once. PENDING

    Rackham Confrontation

    Mid Nor Demon Tower NIB $100
    Flesh Golem CMON resin version built no paint $40
    Cynwall war staff 4 figures bare metal( standard Bearer, musician, character, 1 modular guy) $20
    Cynwall Dragon primed white missing one foot $25
    Cry Havoc 1-13 English( 6 inserts) $200

    40k Space marines (just looking to add to my IF Marines)
    Codex Space Marine(new one for 8th)
    Forge World Drednoughts
    Primaries Redemptor Dreadnought(not the easy to build one)
    Other Dreadnoughts
    Space marine captain: Lord Executioner
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