Painting with washes: Fleshtones?
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Thread: Painting with washes: Fleshtones?

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    Default Painting with washes: Fleshtones?

    When painting with washes, what do you use to create flesh tones?

    Today's project: Learning to paint-with-washes using this Escher gang from Necromunda. Primed white and blackwashed, dry now and ready to go.
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    1. nothing, no reason to use only one technique when there are many other ways to do it (quite often easier and faster ways)

    2. simply 2x GW's flesh shade (Reikland whatnot) on a white primer works pretty well, maybe with an extra darker brown one (GW's Agrax or similar from other companies) in some parts.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    And within minutes, MAXxxx pops in with a well considered answer.

    As for the why: To explore the technique and it's limits as much as anything else. Setting aside a small project to see what I can do with the technique seems like a good way of getting xp.

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    I painted a few minis with nothing but secret weapon washes waaaaaay back in time on my youtube channel. You can get really nice results fast. you can add reds yellows and blue glazes to the flesh to give it life too
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    I recently started using Vallejo Umber Wash for painting flesh. It's pretty dark reddish-brown, but I like the look and contrast. You have to play with how thin to make it based on the flesh tone you are using, and it's not ideal for all flesh tones.

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