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    Any Hadross players using these and actually find them useful? I am new but our rank 1 specialist choices are pretty crowded, and im just not sold with these two. Sylla in particular, whose will roll dependent abilities make her a super gamble to me.

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    It's really hard to justify any of the Rank 1 Specialists over the Calith Reaver, it's hard to justify a Rank 2 Specialist over 2 Reavers for that matter.

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    i think sylla is useful towards how slow alot of stuff even though saying that the crab is helpful with that but she can also denie objectives if your opponent needs to be in a certain location you can plant her there and toggle her keep away ability then pull some jellymen or pit fighters in to deal with whoever wants to pass.

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    The issue I have with her is mainly that she is squishy yet needs to be close to the enemy to be most useful. Also her abilities are tied to a will check, and her will is not high enough to really be reliable. The Reaver automatically performs it's job by simply resisting and moving and isnt a punching bag. You have to use Sylla's act to toggle only one of her abilities on correct?

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    So with Sylla's Abyssal Summons, you can flop a kraken or cavalier from 8" behind or to one side, to 3" out the other side or in front. Thats about a 14.6" place effect. The cavalier has another 14" of threat from there, the kraken another 9".

    That's ENORMOUSLY powerful. Crazy good. Shes a B deploy with M6 Nimble, so abke to get where she needs. Basically, you can hold her in the back ranks until youre ready to reposition a clutch piece across the field.

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    Ok here is my response to these "combos".
    1. Sylla has to pass a will (1) check to even start it at Will 6. A Kraken has "Uncontrollable", so if your not also having a leader up there by her that Kraken has to pass a Will(1) check at 4 Will (Or it eats her, and that is all but guaranteed). So honestly for a situational ability at best that works best on single model heavy hitters the Kraken is a hell of a gamble (especially if it was placed out on the flank to be pulled into combat by Sylla's Summons. Could a situaion happen with alternating activations that would grant you a chance to use summons to win a game? Sure...but it's clumsy.

    2. The cavalier is a better option for this in my opinion, but he already comes with a reliable 8" grab that damages and drags the enemy to it. Id rather have Voth or a Reaver waiting the follow up rather then flinging an expensive unit out alone and hope it doesn't get murdered unsupported (that costs me a specialist).

    3. Ultimately for Sylla she is a support unit that doesnt proc resonate, cant even kill 1 shield 1 wound units reliably without expending resonate. her defensive aura is her only real saving grace to me honestly, but I would rather have a unit that "threatens" other units that want to get close to it.

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