Hello Folks,

A friend of mine and I are having a rules debate about Onslaught and I am hoping a dev of the game can end this debate once and for all - he is very, very, very stubborn in the face of overwhelming evidence. Its all about the timing of moving the turn tracker and when the Xenosathem cards can be upgraded/burned. I noticed that in Dreadmire rulebook there is an explicit section clarifying this:

"Xenosathem: Xenosathemcards can be upgraded as the gameprogresses. This is done during theWrap-Up Phase. See the specificXenosathem Card for more details.o It is important to note thatXenosathem Cards are upgradedbefore the Wave Tracker is advanced,which might limit Xenosathem Cardsfrom being upgraded! Example: Youcannot upgrade 2 “3 Xenosathem”cards to a “6 Xenosathem” cardduring Round 3 of Wave 2. Theearliest the “3 Xenosathem” could beupgraded is the end of Round 1 ofWave 3!"

The Onslaught android app plays this way as well in that it will upgrade any cards in your discard after you have drawn for the first round of a new wave. My friend insists that as soon as you move the turn tracker its a new round so you can burn/upgrade Xenosathem before drawing. So I am just looking for clarification if Onslaught should work the same way as Dreadmire for the timing of Xenosathem upgrading and the rules in Dreadmire were amended to clarify this exact point.