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Thread: Which extra colours should I get?

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    Default Which extra colours should I get?

    I've got the following paints
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    And a box full of mixed fantasy type Reaper Bones. I've painted the "learn to paint" kit and was very happy with how they turned out and i know there you get to mix colours a bit, or at least darken/lighten

    Im going to buy a few extra colours though, so wondered what I should prioritise. I have those 3 Vallejo paints, and also from GW I have a gold (retributor armor), and the blood god tech paint

    Seems like it wouldnt be bad to get a lighter blue and green, and a darker green maybe, but is it just being lazy not putting black/white in the green and blue I have.

    Not looking to win any awards or put down dozens of blended layers, but maybe a few extra colours will be useful

    The minis are Bones which seemed to work ok without primer, but with my kid aiming to play with these, whats the best way to seal, Ardcoat & Testors Dullcote spray? or just paint on a matt varnish (I have a vallejo)

    tks in advance

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    Adding black or white to a paint isn’t always the way to lighten or darken colours, sometimes you get mud sometimes chalk.
    get hold of a book out of the library on colour theory, and you’ll find that you can add touches of colour to darken like.....
    ‘a tiny touch of Red into Green gives a subtle darkening
    Yellow into Green an organic lightening

    Glazes of Green or red over gold in the recesses gives a more natural look.
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    yeah Ive seen some cool stuff about colour wheels and mixing, so I know a bit about which colours to add to lighten/darken, but I'd really like to add a few more colours since I have a coupon for a local model store, was just wondering if anyone had some tips on good colours to have to save a bit of time trying to mix it

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    I would only advise getting more colours based on something specific you want to paint. Advice on learning to mix is sound. learning to use washes by diluting paint is a good idea. I would also recommend diluting with a 50/50 matt medium/water mix. Vallejo glaze medium is great for glazes.


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    I would look into getting medium's. One is glazing medium by liquitex and the other is matt medium, i would also suggest liquitex simple for cost its cheap and you get a lot. GW has there own version of matt medium and you pay for very little amount. Both those mixing mediums will take your current paint and give you more uses of the colors you have. Ex would using matt medium to make wash to shade/wash the flesh tone you have. Than you could use the glazing medium to make a glaze to be used on metals you have, to tint the metals, or even glaze a flesh tone to effect the skin tones.

    As far as adding colors, add a color you will have a need for and add colors you want to try to out based on what your painting. Understanding color theory will help too. I couldn't be bother learning art in school, and now I find my self reading about color theories and looking how "famous" artist painted and used color wheel and lights and shadows.

    If you like sticking with reaper paints, try out there color triads they take the guest work out for you and give you base a shadow and a high light.

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