This question is about Rising Sun, specifically the Winter phase and end game scoring.

For the extra points you get from the War Province Set Bonus, it states:

"Players also get a Victory Point bonus according to thenumber of War Province tokens they accumulated of different Provinces. Havingseveral tokens of the same Province doesn’t count towards this bonus, only tokensof different Provinces count."

Does this mean that at the end of the game if I conquered four provinces, but two were of the same province, would my total for determining the score be 2 or 3?

I assumed it would be 3 in that the duplicate province doesn't count to bring my total to four since it is a duplicate. The owner of the game stated that it should be 2 because it states that having multiple of the same province removes them from the count. He cited different Youtube videos as his source, but it doesn't make sense to me based on other games I have played.

If we could get an official ruling on this to be placed in the next FAQ, that would be cool.

Thanks in advance!