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    I have a question about Rising Sun, specifically about tallying up points at the end of the game.
    The rules state: "Players also get a Victory Point bonus according to the number of War Province tokens they accumulated of different Provinces. Havingseveral tokens of the same Province doesn’t count towards this bonus, only tokens of different Provinces count."

    Does this mean that at the end of the game that if I have conquered two or more of the same province that a) only one of them counts or b) that none of that province count?

    I am more apt to believe the former, whereas my gaming group believes the latter based on what YouTube videos have shown about demoing the game. I would really appreciate it if I could get more of an official ruling on this as my gaming friends have accused me of just looking for an opinion that agrees with me.

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    So pretty much with what the rule says and every tutorial I have watched. I am pretty sure the latter. I have a friend who played in am offical tournament at GenCon, and I am pretty sure that's exactly how they handled scoring.

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    The way I've played it is that getting a second WPT doesn't negate the first. You still get the 2 or 3 points from it's face value. But the second (or third) token does not count toward the bonus at the end of the game, but the first one does.

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    Does anyone know the best way that I could contact the person who made the game or designed the rules? Does Eric Lang see these forums? My friends said they wouldn't accept anything other than an official ruling.

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