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    Grimforge Miniatures and Tartar Miniatures are proud to show you this new project.

    The guilds of the opulent Sarnath have a new prey to hunt: the ruins of an ancient, unnamed city in the deeps of a mountain. Prepare your expedition and descend into the dark and mysterious dungeons to conquer incredible treasures and forbidden knowledge, but beware! You're not the only one looking for these shiny trinkets, and many explorers who have ventured there before you never came back. There are voices whispering that the city is still inhabited by unspeakable horrors and terrifying creatures, but they won't stop the guilds' thirst for power and wealth. You will only have to be braver and more daring than the others, and you'll come back unscathed… maybe.

    Spoils of Kadath is a fantasy skirmish game based in a eldritch city inhabited by forgotten horrors. The game will be also available in a Dungeoncrawler version. Look at our website or our Facebook page, and subscribe to the newsletter to download the demo rules and see the new range of models.

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    of course i like to see my paint s here ^^
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