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    Default Agis' SMOG: Rise of Moloch minis

    Another splendid CMON Kickstarter, great backer support and a delivery right on time! The miniatures are simply breathtakingly good for one piece game pieces and the game play is IMO very nice, a solid 1 vs many game like Star Wars Imperial Assault.

    The minis below are an experiment for me - a joined venture of Regina Matke and me. We wanted the 5 core heroes (Gentlemen / women) painted for the 1st game so we decided to split the work. The 3 minis to the left (Emma Swanson, Abigail Sutherland and Drago) are painted by Regina, while the two folks to the right (Walter Cavendish and Major Dreadful) are done by me. By doing this we finished all five minis within a week.

    The embarrassing part for me is, Regina paints minis only for ONE YEAR! Incredible work IMO.

    Some days later I finished my 5 heroes, see them on my site as always:
    Not much of a difference, only a different approach in style!
    BTW - CMON was kind enough to give two different sculpts of the feisty Miss Swanson, even with different rules! The mini above is the more heavy armed lady.

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    Some more minis painted by Regina - Damon, the Damsel in Distress, Suzanne Taylor (the double of her Majesty herself) and Parvin Khan the Indian Mekamancer.

    Some allies for the Unicorn club - Cavendishs Meka Nanny and Winston the faithful dog of Major Dreadful.
    I just love the mini of the Dog!

    Two villains/ Gentlemen from the Holmes expansion - Irene Adler and Colonel Moran. You can play them as villains or heroes!
    The original Irene sculpt was IMO too busy with the way too much smoke...

    Some cutting and hole drilling was required too get my look, hopefully you like it.

    And as always more on my site:

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    Red face

    In between painting DUST, Star Wars Legion and others, I also managed to finish the Holmes expansion for SMOG.

    The main Gentlemen from the Holmes expansion - Sherlock Holmes himself!

    ...and Holmes faithful sidekick - Dr. Watson!

    The Holmes expansion!

    And more on my site:

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    Nemo, Automaton Kali and a Nautilus Sailor. (The sailor is a Anvil industries mini)


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