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    Hey all,
    I’ve been lurking for a month or so and I’ve seen a lot of good feedback and support for people just starting to paint so I figured i’ll Post and ask for advice from you guys. Started painting two months ago and so far I’m hooked. Recently bought some Wrath of Kings minis and I’m looking for criticism and suggestions on this guy. Still a young WIP and not sure how to go about the armour at all.
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    Looking really nice so far. Great colours

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    Beginner he said... I think not! Or it must be talent. From what's visible, it looks like a damn good job already. The lighting's a bit dark though (although it is quite moody and brooding. )
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    As a fellow newbie I welcome you I've learned a lot since I started my WIP thread here and mage huge progress, expect the same
    A little criticism - try to spend a bit more time preparing the models before priming. There is a big mouldline on his hand and spear - it would take couple of seconds to remove before painting.

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    I would limit all work to 3 colors. From there, you just lighten or darken the tone with black and white. And if you need to brighten the color, just use the warmer or colder color (on the color wheel). This will create a better color harmony visually. People usually call this "working with a limited palette".

    Watch a lot of youtube videos. But only watch the ones where you like their work. Some of the ones I like are Ben Komets, Painting Buddha and Next Level Painting. All painting minis is really about technique rather than skill. There's really no skill involved once you figured out the technique. The other half is knowing what colors to use. For instance, for the color scheme of this, I would of done this:

    * skin = green
    * hair = brown
    * mouth = more red for the gums, yellowish teeth
    * metal and armor = brass with silver highlights, pick out some of the details using a glowing green OSL effect, like in the pistons.
    * cloth = dark brown (make it dirty with mud splotches) and paint some fancy pattern on it using a darker brown
    * waist = light brown
    * pants = light brown (make it dirty with mud splotches)
    * leafy armor = alternate between dark and light leather on each leaf
    * belt buckle = dirty brass with silver highlights, or maybe a red marble effect
    * small details = red (earrings, knot on head, leather wrapping on weapon, swirly symbol on forehead (make that OSL))
    * weapon = nmm greyish blue

    That mini looks really good though. It looks like it would be fun to paint.

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    Thanks for the responses! All great advice and very encouraging to keep going.
    I added some more highlights on his glaive-ish weapon’s grip and attempted to put blue highlights into the black armour (which didn’t come out as I hoped). Not happy with the blades but can’t seem to gain any headway so I’m leaving him alone for now and starting a new model until I feel more confident.
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    Looks really good mate, I think it’s a stellar job for someone just starting out. You have a really good concept of where the colours should be and how they should be highlighted/shaded. Now it’s all about practice to apply these things smoothly to get the miniatures looking great. Just remember there are so many good painters here and most are willing to offer advice, so any questions just ask

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    heyo talented painters,
    after not painting for a few months i fell back in recently and decided to attempt my first base as well
    both the model and base need some more work, im unhappy with the skin of the troll but im going to try and paint some texture around his gut and add blemishes/boils later
    any advice or criticism would be real helpful!
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    That's pretty neat. I like the horns and face the most. Well done.

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    Thanks alot! the horns were my first attempt at wet blending so im pretty pleased with them.

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    Hey my man-what can I say-1st off welcome to la forums-and secondly great job on the minis-love the flesh snd homs-wY to work.

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    thanks a lot man, like i said i'm unhappy with the flesh but ill retry later,
    does anyone have suggestions or tips on painting skin folds that aren't actually on the model? I can't seem to find any tutorials or anything on this specifically, maybe it's too advanced for my skills yet?
    gonna wait that troll for the time being so i've started a pack of poxwalkers i've had sitting

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