Returning to painting after a 'few' years off.
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Thread: Returning to painting after a 'few' years off.

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    Default Returning to painting after a 'few' years off.

    A few years being 23

    Hello all.
    I have been lurking for a few months, soaking up the hints/tips and beautiful painted works of art.

    To cut the usual long story short I use to paint lots when I was a youngster but in late August 1995 I stopped painting a Swooping Hawk (halfway through) and went off to Uni.
    There I gained a degree, girlfriend and a career. The late 90's rolled past into the 20-teens yet I still occasionally glanced into GW's window and occasionally thumbed through White Dwarf whenever I could I find it in Sainsburys.
    Mortgage, marriage and children happened and thoughts of painting minis became distant.

    Fast forward to Christmas 2017 and my beautiful wife (previously - Uni GF) bought me a GW starter paint set and the First Strike boxset. Something came home that Chrimbles day, a part of me woke up again and I did honestly shed a happy tear ¦).

    So yeah I've started painting again...and it is GLORIOUS.
    I don't get much time to paint but when I do I love it...although one's eyes aren't quite as sharp as they were back in 95! I've watched YT vids on painting techniques, read lots of things on here, started to teach myself new painting skills and invested in decent brushes, lots of paint and a few miniatures.

    So hello y'all. I'll start a WIP next


    P.S. I shall finish that Swooping Hawk
    P.P.S. We didn't have all of this YouTube in the 90's and how good are modern Mins/Paint etc!!!

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    Welcome back to the New World of mini painting. A world filled with new techniques, new paints and mediums but most of all a world where eyes strain more to see the details and the hand isn't as steady. LOL
    Can't wait to see that Swooping Hawk.

    All the best!
    After 25 years without picking up a brush, one realizes that their eyesight has deteriorated substantially.

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    LOL. Thank you.
    I will dig the Hawk out and add him to my WIP post
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    Well when you can; get to shows, especially where there are Model painting competitions.
    Next big one is Figure world in Stoke on 25th March, after that THE biggest is Salute 2018 in London.

    Shows will open your eyes to what’s around, break your heart at the quality of stuff and terrify your bank balance.

    Welcome to the money pit that is addictive Model painting and collecting.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
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