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    Hey everybody

    I'm new. Introduction is here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...-few-years-off

    So yeah started painting a few pieces from the First Strike boxset. I aimed at the Poxwalkers first as they looked easier than the Marines. They were a bit easier but much, much smaller. This is where I discovered my new Starter brush wasn't quite small enough and all of those kinds of things that make a man start buying paint and brushes .

    So yeah Pox-walkers, lit badly and not painted especially well .

    GW starter paints, black undercoat, one brush, using the kids plastic painting palette, done at the kitchen table using an old spot light
    Name:  IMG_20180123_062728.jpg
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    PWs- 02/03
    So yeah PW taught me many things. Namely paints dry really quickly, the light in my kitchen isn't good enough to paint under and I needed more paint.
    I purchased some Army Painter paint, some WN Series 7 brushes, setup x2 LED strip lights in my study/office and raised my desk to a decent arm resting height. Black undercoating got booted for dark grey with white sprayed highlights and I made a wet a palette.
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    I realised I wanted to up my game so I watched lots of stuff on wet blending, layering, edge highlighting, glaze layering etc, etc. So Mr multi colour Marine has been my guinea pig.
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    Glaze layering seems to fit well with me although I need to learn how to do it better .
    The Marine is nearly resolved so I'll post up pics later this week.
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    Off to a great start. Welcome to the forums.

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    I like the pox walkers, and neat experiment with the marine. Its fun to see all the new tools available to us to learn and improve our painting.
    pax et bonum

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    Welcome aboard and more so welcome back to the hobby I know the feeling, I myself only recently got back into it after a 15yr break... very overwhelming and frustrating when you first get back, so many new things to learn, but it’s all for the better.
    Anyways mate it seems you haven’t lost your brush control after all that time, nice clean painting on all those minis.
    Personally I spent the first few months just practicing everything and experimenting with paints and only now have started painting stuff properly, so well Done getting those minis to a good standard straight up.
    looking forward to seeing your progression

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    Thanks everybody, I'm already feeling like this forum is a very nurturing and constructive place to be. Back in the day we never really had a forum to show our painted figures, so this is all very brilliant.

    Last night I discovered that the GW Marine transfers don't like shoulder pads very much LOL! Pictures tomorrow as I just want to try out the AP Matt varnish before declaring my Multi Colour Swap Shop Marine as complete

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    Nice and neat so far, get yourself a daylight lamp (you probably deserve it!) And never worry about poor lighting again! Also marine shoulder pads are the reason I hate transfers lol

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    Started an Eternal. Going for a basic metallic gold based colour scheme but I have somehow acquired lots of these Eternal figs (when did I become addicted to buying miniatures again :P?), so I'll get funky with colours and stuff on the next one.

    Anyway here he is in base colours.
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    I have also picked up another little project. Bit of story to this one...

    My recent return to painting minis had been noted by an old school friend. I've been popping pics of new painted figs onto Facebook and one of my oldest school buddies mentioned that he had a bag of old minis from back in the day that I could have. We arranged hooking up for a beer and muchoss man hugging/catching up occurred and we are now going to make more of an effort to stay in touch.
    Aaaaannnyyywaaayyy in the bag of figs (mostly old Space Hulk figs) was this little fella...
    Name:  IMG_20180318_000254.jpg
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    My mate painted this in 89-90ish and I still remember this Captain leading his Termy crew against my Termy crew. He used to have loads of Blood Angel figs and this Terminator Captain is all that remains of his once great army. Now my old school buddy has lived through many ups and downs over the past 20 years but this little dude has always sat next to his bed or on a shelf in his home.
    I was a bit moved that he would include him in the give away bag.
    Soooooo I'm going to re-paint him as a gift for my buddy. In exactly the same colour scheme but on a nice base with some newer paint applied .
    The process has started...

    Into the Thinners you go little dude...
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    After 30 mins...
    Name:  IMG_20180318_085418.jpg
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    Picked clean and washed.
    Name:  IMG_20180318_091627.jpg
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    Very nice smooth start to the stormcast, especially the metallic, makes for a great start.

    very interested to see how you go with that old school terminator I’ve got a box with about 40 of these guys in it, all need stripping etc, just don’t have to motivation to do it just yet, but this paint might just become a driving force

    btw brilliant work on that completed marine, turned out magnificent, and I really like the colour choice.

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    Cheers dude, much appreciated

    The old school Terminator is going to be a pleasure to paint...because he is soo vverrry tinnyy!!!
    Itching to get started on him once I've finished the Eternal.

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    Really nice smooth base on that gold is that gw retributor gold? that classic termie will be really nice to paint

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    Yep GW Retributor gold base,

    Since those pics I've also...

    - AP soft tone wash
    - AP Greedy Gold re-base/first highlight
    - AP Bright Gold second Highlight
    - 50/50 AP Bright Gold-AP Shining Silver Highlight
    - AP Shining Silver final highlights to finish

    Metallics don't like water very much though do they, the water and pigment just separate :/
    I will be purchasing some AP Mixing medium today

    New pics tomorrow.

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    I find gw lahmian medium really good for thinning metallic, a few drops of this and a couple of water gets them quite thin, yet keeps the flakes relatively well suspended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burdonite View Post
    Yep GW Retributor gold base,

    Since those pics I've also...

    - AP soft tone wash
    - AP Greedy Gold re-base/first highlight
    - AP Bright Gold second Highlight
    - 50/50 AP Bright Gold-AP Shining Silver Highlight
    - AP Shining Silver final highlights to finish

    Metallics don't like water very much though do they, the water and pigment just separate :/
    I will be purchasing some AP Mixing medium today

    New pics tomorrow.
    ive never had that issue myself but then I've never used any of the army painter stuff and I tend to avoid metallics altogether these days still haven't stopped sulking since gw changed from the washes to the God awfull shades we have now

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    Have you tried the AP washes? They seem very much like the GW washes from the olden days :-) (I still have some old GW washes somewhere)

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    Finished the gold and silver areas...
    Name:  IMG_20180322_142334.jpg
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    Jumping onto the leather bits tonight

    And made a few new purchases on ebay (my addiction to plastic continues)

    Lovely new bases for future Eternals.
    Name:  IMG_20180322_142429.jpg
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    A £3 Lord of Contagion. Looking forward to painting this fella...might take me a few months though LOL.
    Name:  IMG_20180322_142450.jpg
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    Looking forward to the rogue trader terminator
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    The Eternal is nearly finished .
    Name:  IMG_20180327_071848.jpg
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    I have really enjoyed painting this little dude. The shapes and surfaces are a joy to work on and I have learnt a lot about how I paint and how I need to paint when I do another one of these Stormcast fellas (I have quite a few of them stashed away now LOL)
    Hoping to get him resolved this evening .

    Then it'll be time for this funky monkey...
    Name:  IMG_20180327_071738.jpg
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    Now I'm really looking forward to getting paint on this little trouble maker. I think I'm especially excited because the finished product will be a gift for a friend. O and yes I swapped his arm! The targeting arm was wrong and in the bottom of the bag of bits I found his correct power fist arm. So it was stripped, cleaned and primed.

    After the Termy these guys are my next victims...
    Name:  IMG_20180327_071931.jpg
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    Check out my converted Eternal . I really wanted an Eternal with a sword, I could have just purchased the Liberator sprue with the alternate sword arms, but I didn't realize they existed until I'd purchased x3 Prosecutors and x5 Vanguard Hunters LOL .
    However I'll be painting the Nurgle Marine first as I want to get painting some green and pink

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    Eternal looks great. Super smooth and clean!

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    The Eternal is finished.
    Name:  IMG_20180328_232520.jpg
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    The story so far
    Name:  IMG_20180328_232649.jpg
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