Glaze medium & matt medium. I think I been using them wrong.
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Thread: Glaze medium & matt medium. I think I been using them wrong.

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    Default Glaze medium & matt medium. I think I been using them wrong.

    So I have Glaze medium by Liquitex, and Matt medium by Liquitex. I a lot of painters are using GW lahmian? ( think i spell it wrong) medium, or those that still have there every metal medium which is the same thing.

    I always took it as Liquitex matt medium is the same thing as lahmian medium, and using as such. So I would use that to thin all my paints for brush work, to get nice smooth layers, and I noticed it would often settle like a wash. I just assumed the mix was off, going with the knowledge that you can thin wash with to make them even thinner, I use secret weapon washes so sometimes i need them thinner. But the paint wasn't getting to thin it would just settle in details. Some painters call this a shadow or shade. I was mixing the layer effect I was trying to get.

    Than picked up glaze medium and got the transparency I was looking for without the paint settling in the cracks. This was giving me the layers I wanted and wasn't over powering the darker shadows i was looking at doing.

    So Do I have it backwards?

    I was under the assumption that the matt medium was for thinning to get better blends and smoother layers and glaze was for making washes.

    So now I use the Matt medium on the first few layers to get the shadows I want and without adding wash all over the place. And than use the glaze medium to build up the colors and blend them together with the bottom layer.

    Did I finally figure it out or still using the backwards?

    Does the same hold true for the secret weapon washes, matt for shadow and glaze for the highlights?

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    I have tried the liquitex glaze medium, but find that it comes out gloss. It's also fairly thick so you have to dilute it. The Vallejo glaze medium however nails it, matt finish and just right consistency. You can buy it in bigger bottles than the droppers

    In the end, whatever gives the effect you want is good

    Good luck


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    What paint brand did you mix it with? I use scale color and scale fantasy games. Paints are thicker cause of gel medium, I haven’t seen the glossy issue yet, but I still testing it out.

    Did you cut the Liquitex with water or just stop using it and switched to Vallejo?

    right now testing 1 drop of Liquitex with 2-3 drops of paint.

    What ratios where you using for Vallejo? Might pick some up and do side by side comparison and see which one suits me.


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    Diluted Liquitex glaze medium with water before mixing with paint - depends how thick you want your layers

    The vallejo glaze medium - depends how thick you want your layers, anything from 3 drops per drop of paint to 10 drops


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    I use Liquitex Glaze Medium for metallic paints only because of the glossy finish. It does a good job of keeping the metal flakes from separating. 10% Flow Aid, 20% Glaze Medium, 70% Distilled Water.
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    Thanks, going to play around with ratios.

    For metals I like iridescent medium, but that depends on the metals it works fine on scale metals but for AK extreme metals it had some negative effects.

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