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Thread: Ajax_xajA's Project Log and WIP (C&C Please)

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    Default Ajax_xajA's Project Log and WIP (C&C Please)

    Hey all,

    I've never taken my work "public" before, as I still consider myself very much a beginner painter. I'm making a conscious effort to improve my techniques, so I figure some public C&C will help move that along.

    My goal is to move away from having to follow painting guides and do more "freestyle" painting, so I'm expecting to put out a lot of not so great models along the way!

    Please provide some C&C if you're taking a look, I can use all the help that I can get!

    To start us off, here are some recent projects that I've finished recently.
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    Hey mate, welcome to the forum.
    Let me start by saying your painting is really good already, I feel all you need to work on is pushing the contrast and possibly adding a little tonal variation.
    keep up the good work and post your progress along the way, there is a lot of people who will help you on your way if you need any advice...

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    Welcome aboard you demonstrate good brush control, I would look into getting more contrast and blending as a first step those will take you far once you get good at them

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    Thanks for the replies! I'm trying to make a conscious effort to push contrast more, but I'm starting to realize that I REALLY need to keep pushing highlights higher than I think.

    Here's a quick and dirty WIP of Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws that I'm currently working on. I picked up the Scalecolor collection from Scale 75 recently, and have been working at figuring out how these paints behave.

    I'm actually colorblind, so my hope is that trying to stay within the confines of 1 paint "environment" will help me keep things consistent. One thing I've always struggled with has been leathers, and Scale 75 has a leather set that I'm planning on playing with some more.

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    Well, your painting sure doesn't indicate that you are color blind. The colors look pretty good to me.

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    borka is looking great. really nice contrast in his face, you have brought his expression out well.

    welcome to the forum BTW

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    Loving Borka. Looks like you've used stippling for the highlights? I quite like that, it gives the skin a textured feel.

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