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Thread: Ajax_xajA's Project Log and WIP (C&C Please)

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    Default Ajax_xajA's Project Log and WIP (C&C Please)

    Hey all,

    I've never taken my work "public" before, as I still consider myself very much a beginner painter. I'm making a conscious effort to improve my techniques, so I figure some public C&C will help move that along.

    My goal is to move away from having to follow painting guides and do more "freestyle" painting, so I'm expecting to put out a lot of not so great models along the way!

    Please provide some C&C if you're taking a look, I can use all the help that I can get!

    To start us off, here are some recent projects that I've finished recently.
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    Hey mate, welcome to the forum.
    Let me start by saying your painting is really good already, I feel all you need to work on is pushing the contrast and possibly adding a little tonal variation.
    keep up the good work and post your progress along the way, there is a lot of people who will help you on your way if you need any advice...

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    Welcome aboard you demonstrate good brush control, I would look into getting more contrast and blending as a first step those will take you far once you get good at them

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