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    Hello everyone,

    So, I think it's time to get feedback and advice from those of you who are willing to help me improve, so here's my WIP thread.

    To give you some context:

    I'm a french, 38 years old, a guy who painted (and played, but especially painted) miniatures of Game Workshop when I was 15-20 years old, but life goes on and things change ...
    Until recently, after almost 2 decades, I started to feel the need to paint mini again, so I go back to the paint station ...

    About what I like to work on:

    I enjoy painting minis and my goal is really to improve myself to approach the level of some talented members of this community. The goal is High and the road will be long, but some of the pieces I've seen in the gallery or in most WIP threads so far are really inspiring ...

    But most of all, I really try (and enjoy a lot) to work on the base too, in order to tell a kind of story if you know what I mean ...

    But enough said, let me show you what I've done so far:

    First of all, here are some spacemarines and a genestealer that I used as training / warm-up pieces to get my mark because I have not painted anything for a long time ...

    This was my first spacemarine after my "long" break...

    This one was a little better but way to glossy (I don't know what I did but I didn't use any varnish).

    A little smooth on the highlits (yes it missing a shoulder pad, I need to re-do it).

    This one I was happy with the result (no on the base though).

    Then I started feeling more comfortable so I decided to give it a try for a mini on a proper basis, and here is:

    I stop here for tonight, I have over projects I'm currently working on for whch I'd like to have some feedback and advices but I don't want to write a novel so... I'll keep it for the next time.

    Let me know what you guys think so far, what abvious issues I have to work on etc...

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    Sorry this was caught in the spam filter!

    Nice work btw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avelorn View Post
    Sorry this was caught in the spam filter!

    Nice work btw!
    Thanks! (btw sorry I may have created duplicate threads).

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    Welcome back to the hobby and to the forums. You appear to have excellent brush control and a knack for edge highlighting. I am impressed with they even yellow you achieved on the first marine as that is a bear of a color to get down. The base for the barbarian is top knotch. The barbarians skin seems a bit off to me and it may just be an over exposed picture as the muscle highlights don't seem to be as consistent from a lighting source standpoint. I notice this most in the left arm where muscle bulges under the forearm get as bright as those on top of the arm. If you were going with zenithal highlighting, then my eye would expect them to be darker as they would be in shade.

    Not sure about the glossyness. Some paints are just that way. You can add a matt medium to help thin the paints which will make them dry more matte or spray them with a matte protective coat when you are done. I would typicall use Testors
    Dull Core to matte the mini down and add a final layer of protection from handling.

    Cheers, Mike

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    Thanks Mike!

    You're totally right about the barbarian:
    I did, in fact, apply a zenital highlight on the base coat, but I completly lost it along the way and just paint the flesh without respecting it.
    It's one of the issues I need to work on: keep in mind where the light come from until the end :/

    I realized it yersterday again during painting: I was adding shadows and highlights on a model pant and start to realized some of it doesn't respect the zenithal highlight I wanted...

    I'll try to fix that tonight and post pictures of it (and more).

    P.S.: the pictures are also over exposed too though.

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    welcome back to the hobby, im another who has come back to painting after a few long breaks. there's something about it that never lets you forget about it for ever.

    nice set of minis your opening post.

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    Seems like you are well on your way already. My best advice at this point is this: Be brave, make your shadows deeper and your highlights brighter. It will do wonders.

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    @Coyotbreaks: exactly, once you have a foot in it...

    @oistene: thanks, I'm trying it right now (pics later today).

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    Ok so here are several projects I'm currently working on:

    1 - Death Guard rider (+ base):

    I love the death guard rider sculpts. I think it have some really interseting poses so I bought one a couple months ago but was waiting to find the proper base for it.

    And I finally get some wood bases for christmas... and one of them appearse to be a perfect match, so I start thinking of what I can do with it.

    I start small but decided to add elements along the way, as it comes to me.

    The goal is to add grass on the top at the end but still it looks to empty, so I decided to add 2-3 bricks to "populate" the ground a little.
    Then I tested with the model on it. Looks ok, but stiil, something was missing for me.

    And sometimes you have exactly what you're looking for right in front of you. In my case right between my fingers as I was playing with a wood stike and realized I could use it as part of an old fence...

    And I take the opportunity to rework the metal peaces too for a more rusty look.
    I still have work to do but its taking shape...

    2 - Rising Sun:

    I received my pledge for Rising Sun, and The minis really bring justice to the fabulous work of Adrian Smith.

    I decided to start with the Komainu monster as I needed to practice true metal because my last attenpt was a catastrophy.

    One thing is a shame though, the monsters are glued to the bases...

    I first tought "ok, i wont make a sophisticated base for this one", but after painted it I realize it looks too "simple" and need something to make it pop a little (its not th emost impressive monster in the game either).
    I want to create a base that's render the weight of this creature made of pure gold. I would like to create a cobbled ground with some damages due to the each of his step if you know what I mean...

    I made an attempt with foam as it's quite maleable, unfortunately I messed up and each line of stone have a different size :/

    I though also trying with cork, what do you guys think?
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    Great work on all your pieces... that base looks fantastic and is really well thought out, and I like where it’s going!!! Keep up the good work man.

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    You have some very cool basing concepts. Also the more I see of these Rising Sun minis the more I kick myself for not backing it.

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    Ok, so after digging on the web, I re-watch this excelent tuto about building a street in cork:

    and It decided me to go up in scale.

    So I'm going to make a larger base, which should be more confortable to build a nice pavement (I was afraid the original base would be too small to allow a good reading of the pavement whiwh would be, for the most part, hidden by the mini itself).

    I think I will try a mix of 2 technics :

    I'll try to use cork as base to provide some thikness and create recess, then add pavement made of bristol.

    Here is a picture of what I plan to do:

    We'll see if I manage to achieve what I envision...

    In the mean time, here is some pictures of another Rising Sun mini : Shinto of the Turtle clan.

    I'm a little bit off the colors compare to the illustrations (which I entend to respect as I love them), but I thought I will correct that later with some glazes.

    I first focused on the pant and try to push the contrasts but it was not so easy as I used Scale75 paints for this part and it's not the easier brand to use for me as I find them really matte.
    I also took the opportunity to fix some mess I created (some blue paint on the flesh...).

    Then I started painting other parts to help me visualize how it's going.

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