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    Thanks @BDerricks, for the moment I'm working on the mini and Will finish the base once it's done to help build somthing homogenic.

    I made some progress on the dragonfly clan's shinto.

    I think I will add more shadows/highlights to reinforce the contrast after I've done the feathers' coat.

    For the death guard horseman, I'm still building the horse slowly, trying to be as smooth as possible (it's not that for the moment) and thinking about the next step to make it intersting to look at.

    And I recieved my milliput and start working on the tree's roots for the Komainu monster.

    I'll need to smooth things a little and will try to add some smaller roots here and there.

    But I still need to work the resin for hte water because my second attempt was a catastrophe, again (mainly because of how I made the base I think this time: not enough high grounds to retain the resin on some areas).

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    I am liking your selection of minis and the brick base and its tree are really coming together nicely.

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    Hi everyone,

    I made some progress on my differents projects.

    The painting is pretty much done on the --- monster base.

    Here is a view whithout and with the monster on it.

    I just need to definitively pin hte model on it and add a thin layer of water on the pavement.
    I'm currently thinking on the best way to seal the base before pourring the resin on it as I would like to be able to remove the sealling plastic without dammaging the border... I saw some exemples using maskol for it but i don't have it so, I'm looking for an alternative.

    Any idea/experience on this?

    The shinto of the dragonfly clan is also almost done.

    For this mini I tried to work faster whothout thinking too much and I belive the result is not too bad.
    I'm happy with the feather coat, it's a little rough but the variations of colors are intersting.

    I still have hte base to do, I want to follow the dynamic of the pose by adding tall grass orientated in a way that reinforce the figure's pose if you know what I mean.
    Not sure how I'll achieve that yet though.

    On the Death guard horseman things are going slowy, I'm currently working on fabrics and leathers.

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    After a long time without updating this thread, here I am, with an update full of photos.

    As you may understood, i'm a pretty slow painter: I paint when I feel it and some weeks are more productives than others...

    But still, I've done some progres on various projects.

    First of all, I finished the Rising Sun Komainu monster :

    It was my first base with water so i've obviously made some mistakes (that why the side is painted in black ) :

    Note: I can't post the entire message with all the photos so I divided it in several parts and will post the remainings tomorrow and the following days.
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    Another new project for another Rising Sun figure: Oni Kitsune

    For this one I was really inspired by this image (which came form a Kikstarter project about a video game):

    So I started working on the base first as I ussually do. The scale is smaller than the picture that inspire me (I use a photo frame as base in which the diorama will be fixed) :

    And for the painting of the mini (still WIP)

    Once the mini is finished, I will try something with masks and my airbrush to add shadows of bushes and trees like in the reference image. I think it could add some depth to the composition.

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    Another project I'm currently working on is a bust.
    I'm not comfortable enough with my blending and decided to try to paint bigger model, following an advice some exeprienced painter gave in a youtube video I watched.
    And I really like this model: Noghk, so here is my attempt to bring it to life, step by step:

    I started with a pretty pale base.

    Then I worked on the shadows

    As I started to be happy with the constrast, I decided to works on the details, and also decided to sligtly change the overall teinte for something more yellowish/warmer (don't no if it's clearly visible on the photos though).

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    I'm liking the layout you are putting together for the Kitsune diorama. It has a lot of potential.

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    And to finish witht he big update, one last project :

    I recieved this wood plinth as christmas gift last yer and it was on my shelf since then as I can't find the right mini to use with.

    Then I recieved the miniatures of the Aeon Trespass : Nymphs KS project.
    And it was a revelation: this plinth was made for the Forge nymph.

    My idea is to use the hole in the plinth as if it was a hole on a rock, some kind of burning embers.

    The first pass was a bit too orange:

    So I made a second pass to darken it:

    For the mini I started painting it without thinking of the light emanating from the hole (I will add it later on):

    P.S.: The W40k death guard horseman is almost finished too, I'll post pictures of iit once it's done.

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    That plinth looks like it was custom made for this job, I love the colors you've got on there.

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    Came by here so many times and realized I didn’t leave a comment. The work definitely deserves it so ,I LOOOOVE EVERYTHING ,THE DIOS,THE BUST,THE NYMPHS,ALL ECELLENT WORK.

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    Thanks guys,
    I've made some progress on the bust, I will post some pictures tomorrow.
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    Some updates on the bust:

    I added some details (eyes, rope, nose ring).

    And I started workign on the swords.

    A picture of the current state of the Death gurd horseman too:

    For this one, I made a terrible choice unfortunatelly: I pinned it too soon on the plinth (before I finish up the right arm with the spear), which doesn't help me at all to finish the painting.
    But at the time I didn't realized it: I guess you have to do this kind of errors to learn right?

    I still have to finish the paint on the spear, then I will try to add some details to the flag (freehand maybe).

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    They are all looking nice. I think those deathguard horseman are my favorite fluff that GW added to 40k after I had quit paing attention to 40k.

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    Agreed, those minis are definitively one of the best piece of the GW/FW catalogue.

    Some progress :

    I tried adding motives on kitsume's cloths, but at this point I thinks it is safe to say that freehand is not my strongers skill...

    The forge nymth is currently really rough, I'll try ot adress it once I managed to get a good contrast between parts exporsed to the light and those in the shadow.

    Th bust on the other hand start to look nice.

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    You're running a lot of projects in parallel... how are your coordinating this?
    It would drive me crazy to have >5 objects as WIP.
    And the things you're working on are looking great. The golden Manticore is my favorite.

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    To be honest it's a bit of a mess, but I need to restrain myself to run even more projects as I have a lot of minis to paint and some ideas for them.
    To name a few : a sleeping minotaur, a warp spider (pretty ambitious this one), a second bust, ...
    But I seriously need to reduce the number of projects I run in parallel and start finishing the ones I have started...

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    I guess we „active painters“ are all sharing the same issue:
    Too many things in the queue and too little time to work it out.
    I told my buddies already that a sabbatical year could be the only
    option to catch up... on the other hand we won’t get bored

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    Excellence!!!! Great stuff great stuff all of it. My fav is that bust. And the naked woman (can’t tell why though :/)lol

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    Thanks! I really enjoyed working on a big model, I find it easier than 28/35mm ones.

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