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Thread: Dexter0015's WIP log

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    This is lovely ! Thank you for sharing with us this beautifull project. Good luck to solve the dome issue.

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    Break the trunk at the base, slice how much you need and re-glue the trunk and hide the operation with some grass it won't show at all!

    Lovely piece and such a great idea!
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    This looks wonderful! I'm also sad about the dome problem. I second Jocelyn's idea - shorten the length of the trunk if you can. You could try and break it at the base, or
    you could saw it in two halfway (I am assuming you have a thin razor saw?), then remove a bit from the cut-off trunk, glue it back on and blend it with some putty & paint.

    But then again, I don't think I have to explain any of this to you
    Good luck!

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    Tinkerbelle looks amazing, nice work! You might be able to cut out the center of the base of the cloche (bell dome) and then glue a round cut out of thik plastic card or something with enough strength to hold the model and glue that to the bottom of the cloche, that way your base could drop down a little bit and you don't have to potentially mess up your model. Otherwise, Ikea has one (Harliga Glass dome) that is 10.75 inches (about 27CM) that might work and it is only about $10 U.S. so probably about 8 Euro

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    Thanks for the ideas guys.

    Unfortunately I can't really break the trunk due to how it's built in the interior. If I touch it, the whole base won't stand I'm afraid...

    My original idea was to use the wooden version with a glass dome, but once in the shop, it seemed to high and I decided to go with the plastic one...

    Anyway, I think I'm good for a second round to ikea then...

    I'll keep the plastic one for another future project I guess.

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    Dex this turned out phenomenal !!!

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    Thank you guys.

    Unfortunately, my trip to ikea was a dead end since the store is currently closed due to the current situation... I'll have to wait I guess. I'm notin a hurry so not so much of a problem anyway.

    I started working on the dwarf:

    I think I will attempt a freehand on the shirt... we'll see how it goes...

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    Good start, what is the scale of this mini? This boar is impressive!

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    Nice! What kind of base are you planning for this guy and his pal?

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    Cool mini. I like the classic fantasy vibe of your painting.

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    Just saw that I missed to leave a comment on the bird. Beautiful work! Your basing is once again just awesome bud!

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    I like that boar,nice start with the fur and lots of armor on him he looks like a mean machine!

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    Thanks guys.

    Didn't done so much last weeks, I guess I was just too tired by work...

    For the base, my constraints are basically the same as for Thinkerbell as it will be displayed under a dome too.

    So I have circular base of 100mm diagonal.
    The difficulty though is that the dolmen is already a mini-base on its own so I find it difficult to add to it.
    My idea is to emphase the estale foot effect by putting it on top of a rocky montain.

    But I'm not happy with it current state so I'll do so changes to make it even more rocky and abrupt.

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    Adding more rocks sounds good. Anyway you'll do a beautiful base as usual . I look forward to seeing how this turns out!

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I actually had an idea of the way to go right after posting the pictures. Always share your work, it's important!

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    Looking good!!!
    I'm sure even as it is, when primed it'll look like one piece. It is always amazing to me how primer will tie things together.

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    Small update.

    I made some adjustments on the base... cutting some parts to make place for the resculpt of the rocky side.

    I may have had a heavy hand on the smalls rocks though...

    Soon I'll prime the whole thing black to help me see if it is working.
    As @gorb said, it always help bringing things together.

    And anther project on the side: a dwarf barbarian bust.

    It's 3D printed, and a bad one as I used the same settings I usually use for the 32mm minis which is too rough for that scale as you can see.
    But it still a good bust that can serve for practice.

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    So, after some minor refinements and the addition of textures, I primed the base in black, and it turns out better than I would thought.

    What do you guys think?

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