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    Thanks @ekipage!

    I made a proxy of the base in order to work on the tree without damaging the base.
    The process of adding texture can be messy and this way I still can check that the roots keep the tree in place around the rocks.

    I ordered some leaves as the ones I have doesnt fit the base and the kind of tree I'm trying to build. It should arrive by the end of the next week, which will let me enough time to finish the tree and the paint job on the mini.

    Also, my new toy arrived this week-end, and I have to say it's soooooo different than my previous one (a cheap on): I have to completely relearn how to handle it.
    Good think though, I will finally use all of the used miniatures I bought on ebay some times ago to practive, practice, and... practice!

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    ​Love what you’re doing with that tree, my friend!

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    Oooo! I'm excited! Your trees are always so awesome, I'm glad to see you are going to use one on this base.
    That's a neat idea, making a double for the base...

    And that airbush... I'm jealous.

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    Thanks @gorb! I really appreciate!

    Some progress on the birch.
    I still have a lot of work on the paint work, but for a first pass, I'm happy with it.
    It start to looks like that I'm after.

    What do you guys think?

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    Wow, the birch looks fantastic! Love the SBS in how you go from a blank generic tree to this beautiful recognizable tree.

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    Far out thats amazingly good, excellent work, very nice.

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    No doubt, looks great and I recognize it as a lovely birch immediately. I can’t wait to see it in place.
    We must be on the same wavelength. I drew a cool looking birch tree just yesterday.

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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate your feedbacks!

    @SaintToad: Man I love your drawings, and you seems to be lucky enough to live close to a pretty nice forest judging all the nice photos you post.
    I need to take the time to enoy the nature too. It would be more than refreshing and for sure full of nice trees and other plants/mushrooms I can shoot for reference.

    BUT as much as I value all your compliments, I myself, wasn't convinced by the birch (Am I ever satisfied of anything?).
    The tree is nice, but its too far from the references I had collected:

    SOOOO, I'm build another one (of course).

    At first I thought it would be a good idea to create a wire structure and cover it with miliput in order to sculpt a little more precisely.
    But, unfortunately the end result lokks too thick and still not enough close to that I'M after.

    Not a problem though, I just reduced the tree to just a trunc (yeah you read right), THEN, added smaller branchs with seafoam.

    And now it start to really looks like a birch to me: mainly a straight trunc with some small branchs.
    Plus I removed the roots as birch doesn't looks to have root visibles.
    That let's me with a problem though: I still need to attach the tree to the base once finished.
    To fix that I'll drill to tiny holes in the base which will recieve the pins I glued at the base of the trunc.
    It shouldn't degrade the base too much.

    The end result is really fragile, and it will be a nightmare to protect for shipping, but I really think it looks closer to a real birch.

    Now, first thanks for reading me, and lets see some photos:

    First I was confidente.

    Then I started to have some doubts...

    But, f@!ck it, let's try something.

    And Finally I was shocked how the tree started to appearse as I was adding the branchs.

    I will start to paint it later tonight, but I still have to find a way to create the effect of the peeling bark so caracteristic to the birch.
    So if you have any advice on that, by all means leave a comment, I would be really happy to read it.

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    Nice work again! and thanks for sharing how you do it all, extremely nice trees.

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    Thanks @Clouds. I just hope that sharing my mistakes can be useful to somebody.

    First paint pass is done.

    For the peeling bark I think I will use some toilet paper with white glue. Unless someone has a better technique...

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    NICE!!, yeah that's good thinking the toilet paper idea.

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    Some closeup photos of the result I got with the "paper & glue":

    It seems weird for now but I think it will be better once blend on the tree after a new paint pass.

    Which I won't be able to do before the start of February as I'm going on a 10 days trip outside of the country tomorrow.
    So don't expect any update until I get back

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    I like how that looks with the paper and glue! Very creative idea!

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    Photo-Taking Input?

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    Dexter, this looks fantastic! I'm in Utah at the moment, and there are lots of birches around. Your tree looks almost too real !

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    Your turning out to be quite a scenery wizard !!! Very good work here.

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    Scenery wizard- dio master!!!

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    This is fantastic, it's instantly recognizable as a birch tree. The paper peeling bark is a great idea.

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    Amazing work with those trees! And great idea to use toilet paper to simulate the bark

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    Echoing others: The work on the trees is just amazing! Crafted from scratch - you got my respect!

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