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    Thanks guys

    And happy holidays to all of you!

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    Hi everyone,

    It's been while seen I've post an update here.

    Truth is, I didn't have much of a time to paint since the begening of the year.
    Mainly because things was crazy at work (too many projects), which left me with no energy at the end of the days.
    Anyway, things are starting to calm down a little, so I can finally find some time to paint again, and it feels good.

    On the done side, I would like to present you the final shots of the two last projects of 2020 :
    You may recall, I had some issues with initial the domes I planed to use, thos beeing to short due to me making bases to high...

    I bought 4 differents domes (2x2):
    - one was wayyyy to big
    - the other one just a little to small

    That's why I fianlly decided to stop waisting money and try to dig a hole in the initial dome.
    It wasn't that easy, but eventually I manage to make it fit.

    So here are some pictures of the final minis (whithout the domes to avoid any reflection).


    Grizmine the dwarf:

    On the new project side:

    First I decided to stop paint busts, at least for now.
    I realised I didn't really enjoy it as i love to much putting the miniature in context with the help of a base or a diorama.
    And since it's not really possible/pertinent for a bust... You get the idea.

    So that's mean I will mainly paint projects with 28mm and 75mm figures for now one.

    I just recieve my pledge for the last BigChild Creative's KS : Echoes of Camelot, and let's just say they are exquisites.

    And I will go back to my first love: Eldars!

    I always was a huge fan of elves, but especially W40k eldars.
    The problem is, they don't really get enough love from GW in my opinion.
    So if you passing by, gw people : WE NEED NEW ELDARS MODELS!

    Luckily, 3D printing is more affordable now and you start to see some nice alternatives here and there, so that's a start.

    And you still have conversion and kit bashing, to keep things intersting and original.

    So expect more on this soon.

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    Wow Dexter, great job on Tinkerbelle (the bird looks amazing) and the Dwarf rider is top notch as well. Is that the Greenstuff World frost effect on the Dwarf?

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    Yes it is. I really love this stuff: easy to use and I love the result.

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    Hey Dex, you can definitely compete with TenBall regarding the birdy.
    You have done a fantastic job on this!

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    Those 2 pieces are wonderful! Don't worry i don't even work and i cannot even find time to paint so much. Glad you found a solution for thinkerbell and i am exited for you and Camelot!

    Looking forward your new project!

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    Speaking of new projects, here are the first picts of my eldar grand prophet:

    It's not an original idea as I, with no shame, stole the idea from reddit.
    I usually try to create my own conversions, but this one looks soooooo cool... I can't not to do it.

    I'm still in the process of thinking of a nice idea of scenery for this little guy.
    I may include him in a multi-figures diorama, don't know yet.

    In the mean time, I try some nmm on my djinn:

    Pretty ugly I know, but that's an exercice mini so I'll continue to experiment on it.

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    I finnaly made up my mind on a diorama.

    The idea is to have the grand prophet levitating on top of a collapse bridge (or some eldar structure in ruin), meditating to discover what happenned.

    In the mean time, 3-4 wraithguards (his personnal guard) stand guard around to ensure it safety.

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    Can't wait to see it taking shape, bird riding fairy turned out great!

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    Man, fantastic work. The tinkerbell piece is beautiful, and you did a super cool job on those feathers.
    The dwarf piece is epic. I love all the little highlights on the base, and the paint job on the dwarf and his mount is great. I love the way you did the bare skin on his arms.

    Also looking forward to this eldar piece!!!

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    I expect the Eldar base to be outstanding as usual, but still very interested in how it takes shape and can't wait to se the final version of it.

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    I’m watching with angst

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    Thanks for your kind words guys!

    It took me some time, but I finally make a plan for the diorama.
    Initially I tought about doing some kind of collapsed bridge or structure, but eventually change my mind.
    I did a lot or research to get inspirations for this project and figured:
    1 - I already made a diorama with a collapsed bridge so, something different could be cool
    2 - there is really not so much reference on eldar's architecture, or at least not so much that match my tastes

    Anyway, during my quest, I came across a piece of terrain that I can 3d print and that match the idea I have in mind.

    The issue is that I wanted something relatively important in size, and my 3D printer (elegoo mars), like most of the resin 3d printers, is quiete limited in terms of the size of what you can print on it.

    But, thanks to Blender I was able to cut the piece in two parts.
    Then, only 9h of print for each part and I'll be good to go....

    Here are two pictures of the current state of the scene.

    At the moment, nothing is glued yet, I'm just playing with all parts to construct the layout.
    All the parts don't représents ruins, a large amount of the pieces are laied down to serve as a base for the scultpamold to create height variations on the terrain.

    I'm currently printing the second part of the main terrain element, and should be able to post something new tomorrow I hope.

    Thanks for readed me

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    Is that the base you printed (the grey pieces)? If so looks really good and it looks like it leaves some space for you to fit your figure onto it

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    Yes it is.

    Here is some new photos with the two parts assembled, and some progress too:

    I try something for the ruins, we'll see if I came up with something interesting or not...
    I'll try to blend the milliput part with the rest of the piece and also round up the edges on the right side.

    I still have some blending and sculpting to do but here is a last couple of shots with all pieces together.

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    I wasn't fully happy with the display of the scene.
    The main ruin looked like it was placed in the middle of the scene and, on a second thought, surounding it of walls seemed weird.

    As I look more closely to the piece, it didn't make sense , plus the overall landscape was to plane and boring to look.

    So I removed the walls parts, add some height and move the giant broken blade sligtly in the side and backward.
    I think overall, the scene is more pleasant to look at, and I still have room to place the minis.

    Once all set, I blended everything it with miliput (it's easier to works with that sculptamold which I mainly use to set the basic shap of the scenery).

    Then I added some texture for the ground, and primed everything in black for a first check.

    I'm happy with the result, even if I'll have to fix the junction between the two parts of the printed piece.

    What do you guys think?

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    I think it looks really good! Is it just going to be rocky type terrain or are you planning on adding anything to the scene (grass, water, etc)? I ask because I am assuming the figure will be placed on the ruins piece so it would be a lot of empty space if that is all that is going on the board.

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    No water on this one. But grass for sure, and some vegetation too.

    My plan is to add some kind of ramping vine, growing on the blad, on which I'll be able to attach the farseer for him to be levitating on top of the ruins.

    I'm currently making some guardians' corps to put at the base of the ruin and in the hole.

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    Ok so this is just nothing short of OUTSTANDING !!!

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