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    Thanks guys!
    I considered, for a time, spraying the tree with glue to speed-up things but leaves would have been glued in weird positions so I finally decided to glue them one by one. It surely is wayyyy longer, but it give me a better control on how the tree'll looks like in the end.

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    I took advantatge of the week-end to finish the minotaur.

    Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I need to make some experimentations in order to improve my photos.

    Altouhg the overall thing still need more contrast (I need to practice to improve on this particular point), the metal parts are more contrasted in reality than it seems.

    Since the glueing of the leaves will take some time to finish, I start working on the ground and fixing the mini on it.

    First I check the positionning and make the adjustments needed ont he figure resin base (sme trimming on the side).

    Once the figure was pinned and glued to the base, I added a layer of Valejo earth textuer to blend it in.

    THen some painting:

    It start to take shape and it's always a critical part for me as I can finally start to see if the final result will match what I envisioned.

    So far I'm pleased with it.

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    It's coming along beautifully!

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    Great work on the Minotaur. That base is going to look amazing when you are finished with it!

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    This looks awesomely great, I wish I could make so detailed and beautiful diorama!

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    Well impressed with that tree and its grassy hillock....really nice work. Assume ther is going to be a resin pour at some point on the front there?

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    Thanks guys!
    @Hairster: yes there will be. I'm currently thinking about how I can sculpt a fish to put in to add some life.

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    You could always paint them there...check out Riusuke Fukahori’s Resin Art; his work blew my mind.

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    Pretty amazing indeed! Unfortunately I'm not that talented...

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    Dexter, this is coming together beautifully! Everything is so harmonious in this build.
    I am in awe.

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    The ground is done... at least the grass is in place

    I'm happy with the result.

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    Now I'll start adding some details, like butterflies:

    Only two were good enough in the first serie I'd made so I'm in the making of a second one...

    I also in the process of 'sculpting' a fish to put in the river. But nothing to showable at the moment...

    And I steel have a lot of work on the tree regarding leaves...

    What's why I started to think on my next project.
    Here is a first picture to give you an idea:

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    Minotaur and base are looking great! You should put a butterfly on the axe or one of his horns

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    That's exactly what I'm thinking about, but I will keep it for the very end (just in case I change my mind ).

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    Top drawer base/scenic work here....very nice. Butterflies are a great addition. Keen to see that resin pour and what you do with the underwater elements...

    Are any of the fish used on the bases of the Iodeneth GW minis usable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Are any of the fish used on the bases of the Iodeneth GW minis usable?
    I honestly didn't know about Iodeneth because i didn't go to the GW website for a while... So I just check it and I thnik they look a little too agressive for the them. But thanks for the idea though.

    I'm lookign for something more like Darkmessiah fishs:

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    I finally ordered the fishs from Drakmessiabases...

    In the mean time, progress continues on the tree (I start dreaming I'm gluing leaves during my sleep...).

    And the new butterflies looks promising.

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    Good luck with the leaves, I feel your pain
    The butterflies are beautiful. This is an awesome diorama!

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    Thanks @gorb.

    While I'm waiting on the fish to arrive, I keep gluing leaves to the tree.
    And I'm still adding some details to the base, like some foam on the trunc.

    I also started working on the base for my new project.

    I wasn't really happy with what I came up with for the pavment so I decide to use my roll of small pavment instead and glue it on top of the previous one.

    And added some details on the ground of which will (eventually) became a small waterfall.

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