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    Too bad about the resin issues, although the second one looks good (even knowing it isn't fully hardened). The texture on the bottom looks good

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    Oh no, that's all shots of the first one, I didn't take a shot of the second as I hadn't remove the plasticard yet.

    In fact, I just did and the result is pretty much the same...

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    Good to seethe wise cautious approach to applying resin.

    The diorama is looking great...but I think Bob Ross would say that tree need a Happy Friend! Lol.

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    For the 4th test, I tried something new for the river bed:

    inspired by my researchs:

    resin pouring is planned for today... fingers crossed

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    I like this latest riverbed. I take it you are just going to leave the resin clear and use the painted bottom to provide the color to it?

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    Not really. I'll still use a colored resin, but lightly colored like in my last test.
    I want a colored water to play with contrasts at the general level, but not too colored to allow a good view of the what's under watter.

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    The transparent plastic from blister was finally the solution I was looking for.

    I quiet happy with the result, the plastic is easy to remove once the resin is fully cured, and the side are cristal clear.

    Though it wont be easy to see on the pictures as I had too much paint to the resin (I'll be more carefull for the final batch).

    Now I'm working on the riverbed on the actual base, once it's fully dry, a little sanding on the sides and some paint (I'll try to do much better than what I did for the test bases obviously).

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    Nice! I like the blister pack plastic solution, you are getting smooth sides.
    And the detail you are putting into that river bed is awesome. This is looking better and better with every update!

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    Thanks @gord!

    It started pretty nice but I think I f@!ked up...

    I try to paint light effect on the rocks but I'm not really happy with the result.
    What do you guys think?

    It feels weird to me.

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    To me that looks pretty good. It is risky of course, since you won't know what the effect will look like until the resin has been cast.
    I think you should keep it - the effect will be toned down due to the resin making everything darker, so it might just work out looking right on the money.

    You have been doing some experiments before though, how about one last one to see what this will look like with resin?
    At the very least it will tell you to go ahead, at worst you'll just have to repaint the rocks

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    Yeah you're right, one more last test
    Better be safe than sorry!

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    Was going to pretty much say the same thing as Gorb. If you really aren't sure, you could probably just glaze over them with some grey, brown or black to tone down the light effect on the rocks. If you are doing one last test to make sure you like the effect on the rocks, you probably should have a couple different variations, some with the effect, some without and maybe some with a glaze of grey or black to tone it down and see which you like the best.

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    I kept looking and just found this:

    Looks pretty promizing, I'll give it a try, we'll see...

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    Mmmm, interesting video. Not sure how you'd adapt that to your model, I worry that the effect might be too subtle (he is using a pure white base of resin so that the effect shows up). I keep coming back to the technique you started with: painting the actual caustics onto the bottom of the river bed.
    Some people suggest painting the caustics using a marble effect, using blue for the marble color and white for the veins.
    Then of course a blue-colored clear resin on top.

    I look forward to what you decide to do!

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    I totally agree, the effect is really subtle in the video, we'll see if I manage to make it visible enough. If not, I'll go back to the painted effect.

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    Meanwhile I finish thenews tests for the resin/ underwater light effect, here is a little update with some early shadow work on the samourai.

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    Hi everyone!

    some news on the latest tests.

    The technic I found on youtube doesn't really worked...
    I think this is because, unlike in the movie, I didn't add the paint layer between two resin layers, but directly on the base ground.
    In the end, the paint didn't really mixed with the resin and just gone up to the top, and finally evaporate.

    Letting some white dots in the "water". Not the intended effect.

    Anyway, I'm on the making of the final test (sorry for the blurry photo).
    For this on I prepared a larger base on which I'll make differents test :
    1 - on the left I added a layer of gloss gel in order to create shapes for the light effect. The idea was to paint on it with some white after dry.
    but as you can see, it didn't really worked as entended.
    2 - on the middle I will left the rock as it
    3 - and finally on the right I paint the same effect as i already made on the actual base.

    Unfortunatellly, I rushed up the scealling work and my first pouring (yesterday) was a disaster: most of the resin has flowed under the base...

    I'll fix it tonight and pour a new layer...

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    Great idea for running multiple tests at once.
    And sorry to hear about the mishap... like Mitch from BrickInTheYard says, if you don't seal your mold you get to come back to an expensive puddle on the floor

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    And sorry to hear about the mishap... like Mitch from BrickInTheYard says, if you don't seal your mold you get to come back to an expensive puddle on the floor
    So true...

    Second pouring is done and it looks like the painted effect looks the "best". I'll post photos later.

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