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    The space marine/genestealer scene is coming along great man. Love the idea with the tentacle face, nice work- and that base/backdrop is gonna look awesome! Brilliant.

    for the bust, the blanket patterns turned out great. I’m also glad to see you didn’t darken that green tint too much, I think it works very well with the skin tones and provides a nice subtle balance of cool tones in the piece. Great work!!

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    Really nice work on the Indian bust so far, I am really liking the work you have started on the blanket and looking forward to seeing this one completed. Also great start on the Genestealer dio

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    Alot of very nic ce work going on here, really like the bases that you are producing esspecially the anture bases that I looked at previous page are really nice.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    @Sik, you're right, at first I thought I would add some saturation to it, but the more I look at it, the more I like it that way.

    The whateveritis head sculpt is done.

    I attached it and blend it to the base and primed it so I can see how it's look with the lighting I had in mind:

    I think I would go with some blue tones for the corridor.

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    I'm deeply impressed by your sculpting skills.
    The dio is looking very nice. Curious to see this developing further.

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    Looks great
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Really liking the Tyranid diorama! Nice job so far!
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    I haven't properly checked out the backlog on your thread until today, and I am sorry I missed so much!

    The forest base + birch tree is fantastic! You did a wonderful job!

    The work you are doing on the Tyranid diorama likewise looks awesome.

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    Thumbs up

    I love the composition of the marine&tyranids diorama

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    Sculpture looks good, and the diorama looks awesome. Not sure what you’ve got planned for that scene, but you should check this out to see if it fires any ideas.

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    Thanks guys.

    Yes @SaintToad, I already read it. In fact I kind of used the salt technic...

    I decided to take advantage of the 3 days week-end to paint the base.

    I started by masking the tryanid-ish thing to keep the pirme base for later (don't mock my masking skills).
    Then it was time to paint the underlayer of rust.

    After that I added a good layer of chipping medium and some salt.

    Once everything was dry, I added the blue (yes it's strange at this step, I was a little afraid too...)

    BUt after the chipping magic, its way better:

    Plus some effects for good mesure.

    I'm not done with the base yet, but it's a start.

    What do you guys think of it so far?

    I'm currently looking for tyranid scheme color. Any suggestion?
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    Watching with anticipation I love your lil stories !!! Always somthing to look forward to.

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    Thank you BAM! Telling a story is really something I enjoy about this hobby, so it's a great compliment you made

    Some progress on the base:

    The spacemarine is finally assembled and primed (head & backpack are painted separatly):

    And I "finished" the genestealer too.

    I don't know what append to me these days, but I feel productive.

    I even have some ideas for a new diorama:

    Comming soon...

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    I haven't checked in you in while, you've been busy! I really like how the "monster coming out of the portal" is coming along. The blue color was a good choice!

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
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    I'm pretty happy how the base looks like so far.

    I still want to add some details to it, but for now I'll start to focus on the marine.

    Really early pics:

    And some pics of the new diorama in the making.

    I call it Ice & fire.
    It will picture the confrontation start of a snow yeti, and a fire mage.

    The scene will be mostly rocks and ice, with a bit of ground and dry grass I think on the mage's side.

    I'm very exacted by this one as I never try to make a snowy/icy diorama before...

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    Great work on the Genestealer dio and that Yeti one is already looking promising, can't wait to see you get the display parts built up more than just the foam!

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    The marine is starting to looks like one.

    The hue is little off regarding what I'm planning (a little to saturated), but some glazes should help with that soon.

    And the diorama is drying for now, tomorrow I should be able to start applying paint on it.

    THe minis are primed too, so I'll do some back and forth between the diorama and the minis I think.

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    How I live your massive dios

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    space hulk dip looks super interesting. And I can’t wait to see the next big old slice of imagination.

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