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    THanks guys!

    I hope I won't disappoint...

    Taking pictures of your minis while painting definitively helps seeing the progression, even (mainly) for me.
    (yellow parts are still wip)

    During this week-end I started painting the new diorama.
    It's far from being where I want it to be, but this first step helped me appreciate how the "end product" would be.
    I have tons of ideas for adding details and effects to it, so stay tune, it could be interesting!

    The main idea is that as he walk to confront the mage, the yeti change the landscape into ice.
    I really want the battle between the two elemental forces to be reflected on the landscape.

    Speaking of which, I'm currently looking for some product/technic that could help me create frozen effect, like in this photo:

    I've watched this video about AK resin ice, in which you can see a similar effect when they use the varnish on it:

    Unfortunatelly the varnish is part of the pack and seems to not be sold alone.

    I've also thound the AK ice sparkles which seems interesting...

    Does anybody has any experience with this product or know a technic/product that can help achieve the effect I'm after?

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    Hi Dex. I like where you are going with your dio. As to the crystalyne effect: I have used something in my 2d airbrush art that may or may not work for you. The "store bought" mixes are really too expensive to be an option ($85/qt). This vid is an alternative option: Not sure really how to adapt the product for this application. Typically the crystals are used as a mask and removed. Perhaps they can be left and sealed though. Or you can use them as intended and paint your desired areas per instructions and then gloss it up.
    Just some random thoughts that might help. Another potential problem may occur when trying this out with water based paints (the rinsing off of the mask may be the issue).

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Thanks for the tip Tiki.
    Indeed $85/qt is way too expensive, but the video you shared may be a nice solution, if I fInd a way to seal it afterward.
    I'm also looking if there is any acrylic mediums that can help. we'll see.
    In any case, any suggestion/idea is more than welcome. Thanks again.

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    More work have been done on the yellow parts.

    Some few more higlights on the yellow and the black parts, and I'll be at the base step for the marine.

    Next steps will be :
    adding scratchs to the armor
    adding some shadows to blend it with the base atmosphere.

    Then I'll start working on the dead genestealer (still haven't found a color scheme yet btw ).

    On the dio side, I started to add some grass to it, but it wont stay as green for long...

    And I started to paint the yeti too.
    The fur wont be blue in the end. I just wanted to had it as a base, but I'm aiming for some variations of blueish brown and white fur.

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    just been having a quick catch up. really nice work. the finished piece with the birch tree in look fantastic. really nice magical mood to it.

    great start on the tyranid did. will look forward to watching that develop. yeah great stuff all round
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    Thanks for visiting my WIP and welcoming me to the forums!
    So far, I really like your stuff, think your very talented, and the amount of work u put into your bases is impressive and well spent too!
    Greetings to France!

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    Your new dio is coming along nicely. I need to say as usual - wouldn't expect anything different from you ;-)

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    Thanks guys, really apreccieted.

    Some progresses on the Yeti:

    Also this week-end, I conducted some experimentations for the diorama.
    As always, to avoid screwing things up with the diorama, I plan to make as much experimentations as needed on some proxy mini-dios.

    I'm trying to reproduce 4 différents effects:
    - create transparent small stalagmites
    - create frozen ice blocks to put on the water part
    - add a layer of ice on top of the frozen rocks
    - find a way to mimic the frozing effect

    For the stalagmites, I tried to create mold with aluminium papaer and build it using UV resin.
    But I didn't cure the first layer enough so I ended up with a cone with a flat top (sorry no photo)...
    I'll have to try it again...

    For the frozen ice blocks I found this video:

    and tried to replicate it but lets just say it didn't turned as expected (unable to remove the plastic paper as I messed up the ratio for the resin :/ ).

    For the layer of ice I used UV resin again, with a simple piece of aluminum paper as mold.
    First attempt was almost good, except for the part where the aluminum stayed glued to the resin.
    So for my second attempt I tried by adding a first layer of vaseline and it works pretty well.

    The tricky part was how to glue it on top of the rock:
    At first I tried with cyano, but it didn't work and let a white effect I didn't wanted
    A better solution is to use UV resin again, which is able to cure and mix well with itself.
    I just have to be really precise with it and I think it could do it.

    On the W40K base side now, some bad news...

    I glued the space marine's parts together, everything looked ok :

    Then I added the scratchs....
    Some are ok, but some are definitively not (esepcially on the helmet):
    I think I will take a break on the marine for the week and start working on the genestealer, and come back to it to fix it later.

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    That Yeti looks great, really subtle pallete - also loving the UV resin/foil/ice experiments - really interesting process, might well end up stealing that one!

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    Once again I’m hooked on watching your dio unfold- you have the creativity of Michael Angelo doing his sistine chapel .

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    Loving this new base! Love how it frames both minis and how it forces a perspective in a great way! Definitely inspiring some ideas for me!! Well done!!
    For HIS glory, by HIS Grace,

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    Always nice to see a diorama unfold and nice step by steps to see how it develops.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Thanks guys!

    Well it's been a week since my last update, and I have to admit... I mostly spent the week on netflix (shame on me).

    I still made some experimentations on the ice but it didn't really turns as I was expected.
    I guess I fill a little discouraged for now and I'm waiting for the illumination or a new idea on how to achieve what I'm looking for...

    Anyway, here is some pictures of my tests (unfortunatelly I forgot to take a lot of photos during the process so I'll try to remember each tests and explain it, so bear with me) :

    The gang, ready for some tests...

    As explain last time, I figured a way to create some sort of crust of ice using UV resin on aluminum paper (and some vaseline to avoid the resin to stick to the aluminium).
    I pushed it a little further by trying several sizes (approximative mesurement to give you an idea):
    - 1 small: 6 x 3 mm
    - 1 medium: 10 x 5 mm
    - 1 large: 15 x 10 mm

    The large piece was mainly a failure as the surface was too big and I ended putting too much vaseline, so the resin started to mix with it and create some blubs which turn a little yellow, depending on the light orientation.

    The medium piece was 50/50:
    I didn't spread the resin evenly so it created stripes rather then an omogene surface, but I still got some nice effects in some spots

    The small piece was Ok.

    My conclusion is that it should works pretty well for small and medium areas, as long as I manage to cover the aliminum with an even and not too thick coat of resin.

    I also tried to create some aditionnal ice spikes with transparent plastic fork and some acrylique gloss gel medium.
    Result: "mhe".

    Another attemps consisted in mixing the gloss gel with some white acryllic resin powder I have, to add some blurry effect: not really convaincing.

    At some point I even tried to mix the gloss gel with some mat varnish in an attempt to create someting less glossy and more blurry/frosty: I'm not sure about that, maybe I'l try it with different ratios.

    I though I could use the gel also as an undercoat by mixing it with the paint, but the result once dry is opaque, so not what I'm after.

    Finally I tried two variants of the same idea: create layers of ice:

    My first idea was to paint ice, add a layer of gloss gel, then paint over it, add another layer fo gel, paint over it...

    My second idea was to mix the gel effect with some pieces of the ice stripes I created with the UV resin and the aluminum.
    This last mix can be the solution, but for now it's a bit rough: I need to practice a little more on that.

    I still have some ideas I want to try with snow powder, but I'm still waiting to it to be delivered so...
    And I'm out of resin (UV and 2 components' one), so I will need to refill the stock...

    I also start to paint the fire mage:

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    Ice spikes are doable or indeed upside down icicles with a bit of dangerous application of fire to plastic forks. BE CAREFUL! What you do is get a candle and put it on a bench well away from flammable stuff and then hold your clear plastic fork or whatever over the flame horizontally so it gently heats it in the middle of the handle. At the same time pull on both ends and what happens is it starts to melt a bit and as you pull away both sides you get a thin stringy bit in the middle. Quickly take it away from the flame and let it cool and hey presto if you snip it away you have two icicle or ice spikes. BE CAREFUL DON'T SET YOURSELF ON FIRE AND DON,T BE TEMPTED TO TEST WHETHER ITS COOLED ENOUGH BY POKING IT WITH YOUR FINGER I HAVE SUFFERED PAIN SO YOU DON'T HAVE TOO!

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the idea @AndyG. And thanks for your sacrifice

    I'm not a big fan of using fire on plastic: it stink, it's dangerous, and I have the unfortunate habit to remove the flame too late which cause the plastic to turn partially black.
    BUT I should be able to use a hairdryer to achieve that.

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    This is some fantastic work Dexter, love all the experimentation going on. Have you tried a different non-stick medium other than vaseline?
    I know hairspray will create a thin layer that prevents silicon from sticking to itself, maybe the same thing will happen with resin: as in, spray the foil with hairspray, then pour the resin and see if it comes off?

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    The experimenting is looking good. really nice effects.
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    Thanks guys!

    @gorb: nice to see you, it's been a while, I hope everything is ok on your side. The hairspray is an excellent idea. I'll give it a try soon.

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    The yeti is done!

    I'm happy witht he result, I just have to add some glowing effects on his eyes, but I decided to wait until the dio is finished to match the blue with the final ice tint.

    The fire mage is on it's way too:

    Regarding the exeprimentations:

    The hairspray was an excellent idea, as it's way thinner than the vaseline so it leaves no traces and it doesn't mix witht he resin either so the result is even better!

    It's hard to capture it properly with the phone, but on some angles, the result is really nice I think.

    Unfortunatelly I ran out of UV resin so I'm a little stuck right now on the experimentations side.
    I'm looking for cheapper alternative than the one sold by greenstuffworld. I would like to try the jewelery uv resin, which I suspect to be the exact same thing, but du to covid-19, amazon display really long delivery time at the moment (which is pretty understandable).

    I'm still waiting on the snow to arrive too. Maybe now that the deconfinement process is starting in France, I'll recieved it soon (I hope so).

    On the W40k project, I started to work on the genestealer:

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