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    That Dio is looking amazing! have you done any work on the three figures for it?

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    Hi people,

    I made some progress during the weekend.

    First by adding moss on the bridge and rocks:

    Then adding grass and some details in the river bed:

    Now it' time to add some bushes and plants.

    @ekipage: for now I just primed and zenital highlight them. I'll start painting them this week.

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    I started working on the minis for this project.

    At first I though it would be a good idea to work on the three at the same time.
    And It was effective during priming and working with th airbrush to lay down the base of the skin.

    But as soon as I started using brush, I quickly decided to only work on one at a time.
    I'm definitively not an army painter, and working on several minis at a time doesn't suit me.

    I started adding some bushes and plants to the dio too.

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    This looks wonderful! Love everything about it- what did you use for the vines? Just garden picking?

    and the minis are looking good, wonderful start to the flesh tones!

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    Man oh man you are an ambitious bloke!!! Great project t mate.very impressive!!!

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    Thanks guys!

    @sik: For the vines I used Naturex fine savanna green from Polak (ref 9011):
    [ polak scenics . uk ] (can't post the link it is seen as spam :/)

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    Small update on the first mini.

    The metal parts are a little too shiny at the moment, but I plan to make a second pass on it later on to add rust.

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    really nice work. the basing is great. great start on the mini's to. the flesh tones look good against that leather
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Thanks Dex I’ll look into it!! Looking good on the ogre btw!!

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    Hi everybody,
    Long time no post...

    I have to admit I hadn't so much inspiration for painting this last weeks.
    After having added the grass to the ogres dio, I took some time and came back to the project. But something bothered me, the grass looks to uniform. And I was stuck in a loop where I wanted to do something about it, but didn't found any idea, so I took a day or two, then to came back fresh (whithout any new idea), and so on...

    Plus I returned to playing online with some friends (too much hobbies...)...

    Anyway, I finally admitted that this dio would not be as good as I pictured it in my head, and that's ok, it is a process of try, faild, learn after all.

    So, no so much progress to show but still some.

    Ogres dio:

    I tried to add some variations on the grass, replacing the flowers to be more scattered, adding some small bushes, and add some colmor variations on the grass itself with the help of my airbrush.

    I darken the river bed too which was too blue in some places and as it meant to be a semi-dry river in the end, it would have been strange to have to much blue in the bottom of it.

    I also added a wood post with a red pennant attached to it, acting like a warning to tell people that the bridge is collapsed.
    I like it as it add to the story and add some dynamism to the scene.

    The first ogre is almost finish, but I struggle with the front: too mush bones, and fur and I need tot add some contrasts as it is not readable at the moment.

    Native American bust:

    I started to paint the blanket and the jewelry.
    I plan to paint a lot of freehand on that one (blanket, torso, face): it's gonna be a real challenge...

    And last but not least:

    If you follow SaintTRoad's and gorb's WIP threads, you may have already seen this base:

    As you may have figured, I'm the lucky guy who will try to paint a mini to fit on this nice base.
    When gorb contacted me for this, I immediatelly say yes as I loved the idea.
    It took me some times to find the right mini though, but I finally did.

    This is the 28mm version of Thenidiel form The Chronicles of Run (by Scale75).

    I already break the bow and the knife during the assembling, nice start...

    My idea is not only to paint the mini and add it to the base. As you know I like to make bases, and this one is already made, and I don't wnat to alter it on anything, but I want to add a little something. BUT, I'll try to make it removable in a non damaging way.
    This is gonna be a real challenge too.

    I also finally bought a real camera, so I can take proper pictures of my final projects.

    Here is a test I make with the noghk bust:

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    That post is full of good stuff! I was going to reply about your diorama, then I saw you had my little base, too!
    If I can offer one suggestion for the diorama, I’d say you could add to the natural look of the vegetation if you’d clump the flowers together a bit. Where you find one, you’d probably find several. It will also allow you to create come irregular shapes that will help break up the scene. Everything’s looking wonderful and I’m glad you’re pushing through your artist’s block!
    Have fun with the little base. It was just an experiment, so go ahead and stick some stuff on there. If you can make it detachable, great, but do what you want to do to create your piece. I can always make another.
    Keep up the great work and find the project that motivates you!
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    Thanks @SaintToad, it make sense, I forgot to rely on reference on that part, I'll definitively try that.

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    Hi Dexter. The diorama base looks great and I love the ogres so far. My only comment is that you have grass going up to the bridge itself then a new looking banner. Can I suggest you need to have some sort of path or road leading to the bridge, even if it is overgrown. This may allow you to get some variation into the turf with some bare patches etc. I would also be tempted to place some random grass or weeds in some of the cracks of the flagstones on the bridge, at the moment you have it around the edges of the plasticard. Some growth in the middle may hide the edges better. Lastly, can you make the red banner a little worn or tattered showing it has been out there for a long time?

    Looking forward to seeing how the rest come along, particularly the Native American Bust.

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    Great work on all of this stuff! I have to agree with paintingploddy about the lack of a path (even if really faintly done) leading up to the bridge would make that look better. Otherwise, I think the big diorama looks really great and you can always change up the blue with some browns/tans and then add some of the cracked earth effect to areas to get that cracking look of a dry river bed. I think the Ogre looks really good, especially the skin you painted. I can kind of see what you mean about too much white on the lower half though.
    Really like the start you have going on the Indian bust!
    Good luck with ST's base! Thenidiel looks like a great figure to put on it, sorry to hear about the bow damage (been there done that with figures too)

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    All of this is fantastic work! The scenery of the diorama, the skintone/leather/textures involved with the ogres, and the bust - I'm looking forward to following this thread!

    Out of curiosity, are you someone who finds it easier to work up the motivation to hobby if you have multiple projects going on, so you can jump between them?

    WIP Thread

    Know of a Way I Can Improve My Photo-Taking Skills?

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    - Zap Rowsdower

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    Wow, big update!

    The diorama base looks amazing. I love all the little details: the hanging moss, the flowers, the flag.
    The barbarian looks great too. I can see what you say regarding the browns + furs. Maybe you can color some of the leather darker red, for example, or desaturated yellow, just to add some color and vibrancy? Your call though, I think the figure looks great.

    I'm liking the bust too. I've never attempted something at this larger scale, but you seem to have the hang of shading the skin.
    The blues and reds add some great color, and the cloth has great texture.

    Nice idea for SaintToad's base! I think she will look awesome on the base. Sorry about the knife + bow, but I'm sure you'll be able to pin these or fix them up somehow? As for adding to the base I defer to Saint Toad's remark: Feel free to add something to the base!

    Lastly the new camera seems to be doing a perfect job, nice!

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    Thanks for the kind words people!

    @paintingploddy: I like the idea of an almost fully covered old path.
    I initially tried to work the grass on that part as if it had endure a lot of foot steps, but it's hard to see, and an old pavement road would be more interesting too. I'll definitivelly add that.

    @ekipage: I have a crackle paint bottle I plan to try on this project!

    @Rowwwsdower: Yes I am! I tried int he past to restrict myself on one single project at a time, but to be honest, i prefer to switch, especially when I have a big project like the ogres' diorama.

    @ghorb: I'm not decide yet if I'll just teint the fur yellow or paint it as a gradiant. Regarding the busts, it's growing in me. For me it's easier to paint as you may see your errors more quickly than on small ones. So basically, going forward I think I will use busts as exercices (in a way), to improve my technics or learn new ones.
    As I have a lot of bust waiting to be painted on my shelth, it should not be a problem

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    Stunning work ! Your diorama looks fantasic, and your painting job on minis is very well done as well. Your goblin bust is very nice, I like the blue tones on the blade, it brings nice contrats with the orange rust effets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter0015 View Post
    @Rowwwsdower: Yes I am! I tried int he past to restrict myself on one single project at a time, but to be honest, i prefer to switch, especially when I have a big project like the ogres' diorama.
    I relate to that - I find that it helps me stay engaged if I'm able to jump around.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress on all your projects!

    WIP Thread

    Know of a Way I Can Improve My Photo-Taking Skills?

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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