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    Wow that’s a marvelous idea!!!! Live that wraith !!!!

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    Thanks for the feedbacks guys.

    I finished the first paint pass on the diorama (except for the ramping vine which only recieved a base color).

    Next I'll start to add some vegetation to it.

    In the mean time, I'm still working on the wraithguards and the spears.

    I made several test prints for the spears... to figure out the correct size.

    It's not as easy as I though initially and I had to change the design several times, mainly because this is a really thin piece.

    Anyway, here is a picture of the various versions of the spear head and I plane to print test the two last versions on the right today (whish me luck).

    The 3 guards are on there way too.

    The second one will hold his spear with both hands while the last one will hold it straight on the ground.

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    Man, this is looking excellent!
    Love the colors you started slapping onto the main base.

    Those spear prints look awfully finnicky. Have you considered only printing out the blade and pommel parts, and using styrene rod (or some substitute thin rod) as the shaft?
    It will require more assembly, but you might end up with straighter and (more importantly) sturdier weapons.

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    This is obviously a level up project/ no doubts about that.

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    Not to take away from your painting skills, but your basing just keeps getting better and better! Love it!

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    Thank you guys.

    @ekipage: don't worry, I know I'm more comfortable building dioramas or bases than painting.
    In fact it is something I need to work on as I clearly postpon on painting by building more dioramas...

    @gorb: you're totally right. I planned to use brass tube as shaft.
    But printing the full spear was my solution to figure out the right size.

    Inititally I tried to model the whole thing at size in blender, but once the model is imported in chitubox, it seems that it has no effect at all, taht or I messed up or don't get with the measurments between the two softs...

    Anyway, now that I finally managed to produce a print at the correct size, I can move on and finish the build for the guards.

    They are almost done:

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    Sorry for the double post, system didn't let me post all in one...

    In the mean time I made some progress on the diorama too:

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    Looking sweet. Your bases are major eye candy and adding the minis to create the diorama is just icing on the cake.

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    Awesome Dexter! Your green thumb is doing its magic, the piece looks great!

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    Nice additions to the Eldar figures. Know what you mean, I would rather paint then build dioramic bases (which I really need to do more of)

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    Hello people!

    It's been a minute since I'd came here to post something.

    Well, I needed a break and had others projects that needed my attention, so, here I am, almost a year later, ready to post new (and old) stuffs again.

    First, regarding the eldar diorama, I'll post some new pics soon but I haven't progress so much (I made some changes though )

    Now here is some pictures of a side project I made during the last months : the watterfall

    Sorry I didn't took too much pictures of this project.

    I was really inspired by this illustration that made me want to try to recreate a look alike scene as a little diorama:

    So here is the result:

    Note: post see as spam so I need to post photos as several replies....

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    Ah, the master builder of dioramas strikes again! This looks wonderful mate. Glad to have you back as well, looking forward to seeing more of your work again.

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    Thank you man.

    I don't know about me being a master, but I do love to make diorama.

    Here is a smaller project : John Trinity from Loot Studio.
    I love their models, especially in 75mm size.

    This miniature was the occasion for me to try some new painting technics for leather.

    As I tend to lack of contrast on my painting, and beeing more in my element with dark colors, I decided to start really light, than work on the lights, to finnally increase the contrast with darker colors and inks.

    At this stage I start to glaze, using diluted paint and inks (a lot of layers).

    Here are some steps of the making of the base.

    And the final result.

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    Welcome back. You didn't post for a while, but you've been quite productive. The waterfall dio is stunning!

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    This is fantastic! the leather is amazing. Love the base too.

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    Hello all,

    Here is another project on the making.

    I call it : The hunt

    It is also based on a Loot Studio miniature (Mary Arsys from "Granny's Prophecy" bundle).

    The pose inspired me a scene of a huntress, chasing her prey, deep in the woods.

    The whole scene is meant to fit under a glass bell, but I still want to add several trees.

    I had a pretty good idea of the scene, so I started, as usual, with some basic shapes.

    Then sculpted the land with sculptamold.
    At this stage, I made sure to imprint the boots of the figure in the soil to ensure it's position once dry.

    Added some colors.

    Then I started to work on the trees.
    As you may saw in the background of the first picture, I was originally trying to sculpt them from wire, but wasn't happy with the result and decided to use braches as a base (wayyy better in the end).

    But I got a little carried away an built way too larges trees.

    So after testing with the bell on, I had to reduce them.

    Time to add some vegetation to the ground.
    In fact, I tried something new here also by painting on top of it with the airbrush.
    THe result is ok I guess, but I plan to add more grass in the end.

    Test fit of the final trees.

    Then add foliage to them.

    That's it for this time.

    Next time I'll post some WIP photos of the miniature on which I'm still working.

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    Excellent! Your trees look amazing as always, and I look forward to the paintjob on the elf.

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