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    I have read your thread from start to here Dexter and I love it, love where you are going with this base. Basing is something I need to get into but have no idea where to start.

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    Thank you sir, greattly appreciated.

    I would say: start small.

    You don't need to do really complicated things to create a nice base.

    I don't play, so I usually put my minis on wood plinths or dioramas, this way I can (try to) tell stories about the miniature as it offert me a little more space.
    BUT, back when I was a teen, I played (W40k, Warhammer, Epic, ...), and it was during this time that I started painting (abviously), then of course basing.
    One of my first real basing attempt was on the base of the Eldar's Avtar (the old one in metal). I simply used a spare hand of space marine to which I added 2 pieces of plastic to represent the arm's bones, and glued it to the base.
    It wasn't much, but it gave a context to the miniature (I think/hope).

    The thing is to be a sponge. You need to take inspiration from everywere: music, movies, comics, illustrations, art, nature,...
    You can also simply start by trying to replicate what you can see on w40k illustrations: let say you find an illustration of a space marine that you really like: observe the environment of the character in the illustration, an try to replicate some of the main elements on you base, it could be really intersting.

    Anyway, try some stuff, and share it: it's the best way to get feedback/advices to keep progressing.

    Speaking of which, I'm still trying to figure out how to create believable/good ice rocks.
    So I covered almost an entire rock with my resin "effect", and the more I look at it, the more it looks like I wrapped it in a plastic bag...

    I think the effect isn't bad, as long as I manage to keep the "ice" layer as fine as possible.
    BUT I really did a bad job on the painting side.
    As always I didn't put enough contrast on it.

    That's why I'm trying a new approche on the second rock: mainly focused on the painting side.

    I pushed the contrast as best as I could using washes and inks, and I think it's way better this way.

    Now I have to find how to apply a thin layer of glossyness/icyness (if it's even a word) on to of it.
    For the moment I just used a glossy varnish, but it won't be enough.

    ANyway, what do you gys think of it so far?

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    looking good Dex. I like the rock with more detail paint on it. For a thinner than uv resin (yet thicker than varnish), I have good luck with Vallejo water texture (med thickness) and Ak Gauzy agent (thinner, and works best when the part can be dipped).

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    I love the ice base so far Dex. I'm going to try something similar alas not with resin.

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    Fantastic work Dexter! I love the ice, and I'm glad the hairspray helped.
    Looking forward to the scene you have in your head with all this

    The space marine / tyranid project looks good too!

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    Thanks guys!

    Tiki, thanks for the idea.
    I do not have vallejo water texture, but I have the greenstuffworld splash gel (which is a shitty product by the way: it is not correctly sealed, and first time I opened it: half of the product was already dry...).
    Anyway, I tend to prefer Liquitex gloss gel: for me it achieve the same result but you can buy it for a much larger quantity (and a better price too).

    I do not have AK Gauzy agent either, but I have Deluxe material Looks Like Glass, which seems to be identical.
    Though it's not really meant to be used like that. I already used it on the bridge diorama. It helped me smoothe the water surface on some areas where I let my fingerprint on the gel :/

    Anyway, I made 3 new attempts by mixing things together in order to achieve a icy look but not crytal clear though, something a little blurry if you know what I mean :
    1 - mod podge (équivalent) satine finish + acrylic resin powder (just a little)
    2 - Splash gel + looks like glass + acrylic resin powder
    3 - Liquidex gloss gel + Looks like glass + acrylic resin powder

    2 - turns out not so great:

    Due to the issue with the product, I didn't manage to mix it really good (product was already too thick: guess why...).
    Maybe if I can mix it with really fine snow powder, the result would be more interesting.
    But as I'm still waiting for my snow to be delivered, it will have to wait.

    3 - Result way to glossy:

    Plus I may have put too much acrylic powder in it so the result is almost opaque in some areas

    1 - Happy surprise:

    The satine effect is really intersting, though the acrylic powder isn't the right medium.
    I'll try again with the snow as soon as I get it.

    In the mean time, I continue to work on the fire mage:

    And I updated the part on the diorama where the ice is:

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    I really enjoy following your dio creations!

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    I'm glad you enjoy it.
    I do too

    Then I camùe across some pictures posted by people on the internet this days, showing snow in may, I first though it was a joke.

    But it turn out the snow finally reach me too:

    It took a full month to get it, but it finally arrived. I'm trilled.

    And ready for some more experimentations!

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    Awesome work there, I think the experiment #3 came out awesome. I haven't tried making a snow/ice base yet, but if I do I'll give the Liguitex gloss gel + resin powder a go.

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    Love the processes here - great to observe and understand your way of working. (I'm definitely process driven and find this more fascinating the final outcomes a lot of the time!)

    Awesome stuff

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    Wow, it's been way too long since last time I posted something here.
    Sorry guys, I last two weeks was a little full on the work side, so I didn"t have so much energy for the hobby.

    Anyway, I think I developed some sort of a technic to paint the ice which looks nice (I hope), so here is a step by step of how I do (for those who are interested):

    1 - First I create the basic shapes using foam board

    2 - Then I define the landscape with sculptamold. This product is awesome and since it's waer diluable, it allow you to add just a little layer of texture, not necessary a big blob.

    3 - Once it's dry, I start painting it with a grey and some darker washes in the cavities

    4 - Some more washes and a dry brush : at this stage it's like normal rocks

    5 - Then it's time to give it an icy look. For that I use various blues, from dark to almost white.
    I don't really try to be precise at this stage, it's pretty messy, I use paint over paint, not waiting for it to be dry, I'm stippling over it. Some sort of "wet rough stippling blending"

    6 - At this point things need to be blend. I use a heavy dry brush of white for that.

    7 - Usually at this stage I start to use blue washes and inks to create some heavy contrast. But for this piece (which is an exeperimentation board btw), I decided to try playing with crackle paint, so here I add some blue to my beige crackle paint medium.

    8 - Then blend it with the rest of the board

    9 - And it's time to add contrast using various washes of blues and turquoises and inks

    10 - The final touche is done by painting some crackles with pure and diluted white.

    That's all for the paint side.

    Now I'm still exeprimenting to add effects to it to make it more realistic.

    I started to play with the Krycell products I just bought, and some are really interesting, but "spoiler alert", I'm not entirelly satisfied yet (more on taht later on this post).

    First I tried the snow wash :

    Here I use 2 coats almost none diluted.
    I like the result, way too matt but diluted and mixed with some glossy gel medium (also diluted), it could be the solution to that blurry and yet glossy(ish) effect I'm after.

    I also played with the snow effect and some resine to create some ice spickes covered with snowlike you can see on some rocks in snowy and wendy areas.

    it's not that bad, but my main issue here is the snow looks to much like snow (what?!).

    That I'm after is an ice/snow effect, but mainly ice, with just some light snow effect.
    Which means the snow should not be as matt and may containe some sparkles if you know what I mean.

    That's why I ordered some products from AK Ineractive, and I will make some more experiement once I recieved it.

    So that's all for the experiementation side for now.

    Now on the mini side, the fire mage is done (I even tried my first ever OSL effect on this one).

    And the tiger is on it's way too.

    And last but not least, I finally put all part together on the spacemarine/genestealler base.

    I still have work to blend all the part together, plus I'll add some effects but it's close to be done I think.

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    Looking good Dex! I really like the addition of the crackle medium to your Ice, use more of it! Thanks for sharing the step by step process.

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    That snow base looks awesome, I love the experimentation going on!
    The idea of the crackle paint, painted over the ridged ice, is superb. I will have to try this.
    The spacemarine+genestealer looks awesome too, love the layout!

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    Live these buddy!!! I could look all day!!!

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    Really liking your ice bases! I want to try my hand at some larger type bases (and more realistic) but been kind of lazy about actually doing it, especially when I watch some of the hyper-realistic base builders on Youtube. That Space Marine/Nid dio is looking great!

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments, and sorry for the radio silence.

    Everything is fine, I was juste on vacation for the first 2 weeks of june, but since, I felt a little down on the creative side (just wasn't really inspired).

    I think I reached a wall with my ice diorama because I didn't manage to create the effect I'm after and I started to felt sad about it.
    What's why I decided to take some time of because sometimes I take things too seriously and forget that it's just a hobby...

    Anyway, I still managed to finish the W40k project.
    Here is some pictures:

    I diciced to put the ice diorama on hold for now (all the minis ar painted but I still want to add some nice ice effects before calling it done).

    I want to paint again but although I have a ton of miniatures/busts on my shelf, I have no idea what to do.

    So I would like to defer on your ideas/opinions: what would you like me to make/paint next?

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    I liked the ice effects . Maybe your being a tad bit harsh on yourself cause I feel you’ve achieved all you have set out to do. Maybe step back a bit and take our word for it, at times like these it’s the best tact. I think it’s grand .

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    Hey Dex, glad you are in still in one piece, unlike that poor little gene stealer in your awesome dio.

    I kinda know how you feel (I think we all do), when a project doesn't really come together in the way you want it to.
    I'll just commiserate, since I don't have any great advice. The only thing I can think of would be to try a shift, ie. forget about the ice base, what would these guys look like in a desert, maybe they're at an oasis?

    Anyway, keep trucking man, I'm glad you had a nice vacation at least.

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    Hello there,

    It took me some time, but I finally found the motivation to seat at the workbench again, and I must say "it feels good!".

    Anyway... I'm currently working on 2 little projects (got to (re)start small):

    The first one is a little scene I envisioned for a tiny mini (which I keep secret for now) :

    For this scene I wanted a dead tree. I initially wanted to use a branch to represent it, but didn't found anything right.
    So I ended up sculpting it on my own.

    For this I used cardboard straw because it's maleable and as it is build with layers, I would be able to take advantage of that as I wanted the trunc to be hollow.

    Then I add the wood texture with some milliput.

    And 3D printed some mushrooms to help bring some life(details) to the scene.

    Here is the link to the mushrooms' file if somebody is intersted:

    As this point the structure of the base is done, and now I'll start adding grass and plants.

    The second project is the Djinn from Titan Forge, which is a fantastic sculpt:

    I don't have any idea yet for a base for this mini, but the main point of the project is to practice paint and NMM.

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    Well done mate, that base looks fantastic! I have to try and sculpt something like that.
    The Djinn looks like it will be fun to paint too.

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