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    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support.

    !!!! /////// WARNING : HEAVY PICTURES LOADED POST /////// !!!!

    So I poured the resin, my sealing works, but some resin flew over the back corner of the diorama.

    I managed to reduce the issue to a minimum, but my idea was to have a deeper river bed on the back of the diorama, as if the bridge parts play the role of some kind of "natural" barrage of some sort...

    So I have to figure a way to pour a second layer in the back as the current result doesn't plese me for this area.

    Anyway, the rest looks ok though, and I even managed to pine one of the three ogres in the watter as I entended to (almost forgot, fortunately, the resin wasn't dried yet when came back home yesterday), so it's already something.

    As soon as the resin is dry, I'll be able to add the water movement effect and some ripples around the ogre's foot

    The mushrooms are almost done too, they just need a little more work and I will be able to add them to the dio.

    On the bust side now:

    I decided to add some more war paints and effects to the head, what do you think?

    Note : his left eye need to be fixed.

    I'm currently looking for pattern to add a tattoo on his forearm.
    Then: blanket here I come...

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    nice work dexter. both project are lookng great. really cool to see the ogre in place.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Top notch work so far, can't wait to see the other brutes in place. Beautiful piece.

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    Yeah, the water effects really add something, once you have some ripples in there it'll look even more awesome!
    The bust looks cool too, and I dig the mushrooms.

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