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    Here it is:

    No need to say that the left part can be ignored...

    Which left us with no effect or painted effect.

    I personnaly like the painted one but it seems too marked for me, so I'm gonna reduce it on the base with some glazes to make it more subtle.

    I also added some gloss gel on the surface to represent water mouvment, it's currently not fully dry yet but already add some visual distortions which works pretty well which he effect (I'll post a photo once fully dry tomorrow).

    What do you guys think?

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    That looks fantastic Dex! Man, you make me want to do this myself

    By all means glaze it, but I for one absolutely vote that you paint these on, they look awesome, especially in the top picture but even in the others too.
    Nice work!

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    Thanks gorb!
    Do not hesitate to give it a try.
    Working with resin is a bit intimidating at first, but once you get used to it it's quit fun and the possibilities the material affert are pretty large.
    I have a ton of ideas / technics I want to try for an other project I start thinking about (not related to water though)...

    Here is the result with the waves on hte surface (not entirely dry but you get the idea) :

    I really like the result.

    Now it's time to replicate it on the base.

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    I think it looks really good. The gloss gel on top broke it up even more so I don't think you have to change the way you painted the light reflections. Really nice work!

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    I agree with eki, it looks great. Your perseverance in doing heaps of testing paid off, the end result will complement that insane tree and beautiful minotaur perfectly.

    Well done!

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    Thanks guys! Your kind words are really appreciated.

    Yesterday I took a new look on the last test and finally decided to don't rework the painting job on the light effect.
    So I prepared (and tested) the sealling and I just pour the resin half an hour ago.

    Looks ok so far, I 'll keep my fingers crossed untill tomorrow...
    I'm aiming to finish this base this week-end or during next week max!

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    I'm afraid I won't be able to finish this project this week...

    I've had to conpensate on the front edge because I completly messed up with it (plasticard wasn't glued straigth...).
    I used miliput for this (damn I love this product!).

    THen the idea was to add roots in the holes and use my airbrush with greenstuffworld's spider serum... unfortunatelly, I never used it since I bought it fwe months ago and as it is quiet hot this summer in europe, I discovered that the serum is completly evaporated :/

    Anyway, I saw a tutorial on youtube to create the same effect with hair spray.
    But I just won't have the time to go buy some this week...
    Also the roots I entend to use aren't really satisfying so I'm gonna have to try something else.

    And I'm not sure yet if I'll use brown paint for the sides of the base of black.

    I made another mistake: I glued the blue butterfly on the river, and the pink on the minotaur (it would have been better the other way, but the glue bound is too strong now to try anything).

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    Wow Dex, this came out looking spectacular! All the months of hard work, it is all paying off.
    The tree looks awesome, the river came out great, the reeds, the butterflies, the fish, and especially the resting minotaur.
    I'd love to make something this serene one day.

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    I honestly can't see the problem with this but know you can. It looks fantastic and the plan for the roots is a really great idea (sorry to hear about your GSW spider serum evaporating).

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    Keep persevering! your doing a top job and projects like this come with their challenges and rewards.

    Once this is done....think on the amount of new knowledge and experience you will have for the next project.

    Keep at it! Looking great

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    Thanks @ekipage, Thanks @Hairster!

    ou're completely right.
    I love this project because I learn so much doing it, from the making of the tree, the paint of the butterflies, to the resin, I learned A LOT.

    I started some new projects (of which I'll post some pictures soon) while i'm finishing this one (I'll have to call it done at some point ), but I already feels more confident while painting and it is for sure thanks to this project.
    Last edited by Dexter0015; 08-28-2019 at 08:16 AM.

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    While I'm still adding the final touch to the sleeping minotaur project, here is some progresses on two smaller projects I started to work on in the meantime.

    This little samourai is almost finished. I think I will try some simple freehand on it to add some variations on the akama.
    And I have some ideas for a simple base too, i'm just waiting for some materials I ordered...

    The Sacred Warrior from Rising Sun is a complete differente beast, and painting the fur is kind of a challenge.
    I still have a lot of work on it, but it's a start.

    Plus I was kind of struggling with the base: My first idea was to creatye a bamboo forest behind him, but I wasn't pleased witht it.
    And yersterday I had an illumination just before I go to bed, we'll see how it's turns out (pictures in a couple of days).

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    I finaly managed to progress on the base in a way I like.

    As stated earlier, I initially though of simply put a bamaboo forest behind the panda, but the longer I
    looked at it, the less intersting it feelt.

    BUT after some times on pinterest looking for asian landscapes, I remembered the tree barks I have in a box...

    So I decided to use a piece of bark as a rock, beside the bamboo forest, which looks more interesting I think.

    I used some miliput to help the bark blend in with the base and ensure it stay strong enough.

    Then after some time working on it, it start taking shape.

    Unfortunately, I used a lot of washes then painting the rocks and the wood base didn't react really handle it well (as ou can see on the pictures, I have some cracks there the wood base and the miliput join). I will have to fix it later on.

    It's my first time working with photoeched plants, and i really like how it help bringing life to the base.

    I also worked on the mini, more precisely on the fur, but I'm not happy with it yet.

    My idea was to paint fur with small lines, but it's difficult to see if you don't put you noze ont he mini...

    Note on the sleeping minotaur: I bought the hair spray and will try it this weeks.
    Then I would be able to call it done and try to take some nice pictures of it.

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    Oh, another fabulous diorama! This looks great Dexter.

    PS I love how there are so many crafting tips and hints in this thread. I didn't know about spider serum before, and now I know you can diy it too

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    Thanks @gord!

    It's really a try and error thread so I'm glad you can learn from my mistakes too.

    Speaking of which... I didn't remember the exact brand of hair spray used in the video I watched about diy spider effect, and it seems I didn't bought the right one... :/

    So I'll gonna have to go to the store in a near futur...

    If someone want to try it, here is the link to the video so you can see the correctr brand to use.

    My impressions by the end of the week as soon as I tried it with the correct brand.

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    That new diorama is looking really good! That is a cool trick for cobwebs, only problem is I don't know what would be the correct equivalent to the Taft hair spray here in the U.S. as a can of that is $20 on amazon

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    Wow 20$! Indeed it's a little expensive, I think I can buy it for 7-8€ on amazon here...

    Anyway, there are other products that seems to achieve the same result at a cheaper cost (Delta Creative Painters Helper Crackle Medium: 10$) :

    I thound this link also (but don't know if the product is still manucaftured and how much it cost):

    The main question I have, regardless the product used, is about the longevity of the effect. Because it seems really fragile to me, and I can't think of any technic to remedy it.

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    Small update:

    I glued the bamboo to the base and started working on the water part.

    Due to the shape of the base, this time I choose to paint the base with blue then add greenstruff's UV resin as it allow me a better control than regular resin.
    Once the resin was cured, i added a layer of gloss gel to add some texture.
    Next step will be to peint some partes white to add movement to the water part (it's a watterfall after all), but I may add another layer of resin and/or gel before, to add some depth to it.

    What do you guys think?

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    That is looking great, good idea to use the UV resin! The ferns look awesome.

    Re the hairspray spiderwebs: I've been thinking about it - I don't know how permanent they would be.
    Plus if they stay sticky, they will gather lots of dust over time, so the diorama should go into a case?
    Nevertheless, I'll be watching this experiment closely, to see what solution(s) you come up with

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