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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the disapointment @gorb, but I didnt found the hair spray in store where I leave, and to be honest, 8€ just fior a hair spray is way too expensive, so I decided to call the base done.

    I just have to take some nice shots this week and post it in my galery!

    Anyway, some updates on the Sacred Warrior:

    The base is almost done:

    And I started working on the warrior's belt and jacket (though I forgot to take a picture with the jacket...)

    And a first picture of my next project:

    To give you some ideas of tyhe size, the inside of 'base' is 20 x 20 cm.

    Can you guess what it'll be?

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    The sacred warrior's base looks great!

    No idea what you are doing with the new one? The Lion King? *cough*

    Re the hairspray, no problem. Would have been interesting to see how it went, but I agree 8Euro for a can is a bit over the top. You'd have to be making *lots* of cobwebs to justify that...

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    Wow the base for the panda warrior looks great! Don't know what the second base will be, but guessing there is water and maybe a water fall involved!

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    Ahah, nice one @gorb! No it wont be related to any Disney character.

    You're close @ekipage: It is in fact a river (or hopefully it will be), but no water fall.

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    Hi everybody,

    I've been pretty silent last weeks because I was sick, so I hadn't so much progress to report...

    I'm still looking to find a good setup for taking phot shoot of my minis.
    (don't mind the defaults on the base edges, I messed up and need to reworke it, again...)

    Note: the light color effect is just due to one of the lamps I used wich is yellow.
    It's just a test, I tink I will use two white lamps in the end.

    I made some progresses on the panda too:

    And finally some new shots of my new project:

    This time I learn from my previous mistake and started build the sides of the base flat since the beginning

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    Glad you're feeling better!

    Nice work on the new diorama. Looks pretty interesting. Planning to put any trees on there?
    Panda is looking good.
    And the minotaur dio looks amazing, as I mentioned before.
    Lighting is tricky with photos, I agree. It is best if all your lights have the same temperature, otherwise it will just influence your photos, especially if you plan to take photos from multiple angles and you have to rotate the mini under the lights. But focus and exposure wise the photo looks great.

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    Thanks @gorb!

    I don't think the base will include a tree, maybe a bush or two but that's it. A tree would steal the focus from the bridge.

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    That new dio you are working on looks like it is going to be amazing.

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    Thanks @ekipage!

    Just a small update:

    I think I've found where I will put the minis on the base.

    I initially though of putting this three fellas in the river bed, but after some tries, I think this confirguration is more intersting.
    It tell another story:
    ALthough the bridge is collapsed, they still use the same path to go back home...

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    Thats is some admirably ambitious modelling Dex! Love it. Great to catch up on your last couple of projects too.

    Looking at the minotaur dio pic, you could dowith investing in some LED daylight bulbs for your lamps (they are pretty inexpensive from Amazon etc) want to be aiming for 6500K rating ones if you can. They will be a massive help with your photos and painting.

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    Thanks @Hairster.

    I currently have two led lamps of this model
    The light is pretty nice and white, but it has a side effect: my paints dry too fast on my wet palett.
    As I moved to a new region during summer, and summer wwas HOT this year, maybe it's linked to it and not so much to the light, I don't know...

    For the photo my main issue is that I don't have enough space on my hobby desk and I need to unmount/remount the light on my PC desktop (which is larger) each time I want to take a shoot. Not really practicle...

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    Update on the diorama.

    Since last time, I added some rocks on the bridge and some ^small rocks and bridge pieces in the river bed.

    I'm happy with the result and decided to git it a coat of black to help bring things together.

    I really like this step because it is really at this point that you see if you've done right or not.

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    Base is looking great! I know you already posted about your planned location for the figures, but did you think about putting one on the bridge and then the other two on either side of the river? Just a suggestion as I thought it might look good that way

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    Thanks guys.

    @ekipage: nothing is scealed in stone. And placing one on the bridge could be a good idean indeed.
    The only thing I'm sure about is that I want one of the orgres to be directly in the river bed (which will be only partally under water as I picture it as an almost dry river).

    For now I'll start working on the paint side and made some positioning test along the way to see what can be the most interesting.

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    This scene is looking excellent. Wherever you place your minis, you should have a very dramatic diorama.

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    Thanks @SaintToad!

    On another topic, I finally tooke the time to take some new photos of my previous projects with a new setup (with two white lights this time).
    The result is still a little bit too exposed for my taste (though I try to diffuse the lights...).

    I think I'll try with a white/light gray next time.

    But the result is good enough to be uploaded in my galery, so as soon as they are accepted by CMON, I my post some links here.

    In me meantime, as the sleeping minotaur base still nned some final fixes, I still took some pictures (but not posted it in my galery).

    Here is an exemple:

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    Ok so this is super impressive !!!!

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    even more impressive knowing you glued all those leaves to that tree! Great job on that Minotaur dio

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    Thanks guys!

    My other projects are online :

    Death guard horseman:

    Noghk bust:

    Rising Sun Secret Warrior:

    And some pics of a new bust I will work one in parallel of the diorama (because I need to PAINT MORE MINIS ):

    For this project I started to paint the flesh with with the airbrush to give me a general idea and work on contrast right from the start.

    I then started blending it with the brush.

    For this project I'll start to work on a new technic: rather thant doing shadows first, then highlights, I will try to do the oposite.
    As I feel more conftable with the shadows, it may help my achieve a better result (or not).

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