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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the disapointment @gorb, but I didnt found the hair spray in store where I leave, and to be honest, 8€ just fior a hair spray is way too expensive, so I decided to call the base done.

    I just have to take some nice shots this week and post it in my galery!

    Anyway, some updates on the Sacred Warrior:

    The base is almost done:

    And I started working on the warrior's belt and jacket (though I forgot to take a picture with the jacket...)

    And a first picture of my next project:

    To give you some ideas of tyhe size, the inside of 'base' is 20 x 20 cm.

    Can you guess what it'll be?

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    The sacred warrior's base looks great!

    No idea what you are doing with the new one? The Lion King? *cough*

    Re the hairspray, no problem. Would have been interesting to see how it went, but I agree 8Euro for a can is a bit over the top. You'd have to be making *lots* of cobwebs to justify that...

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    Wow the base for the panda warrior looks great! Don't know what the second base will be, but guessing there is water and maybe a water fall involved!

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    Ahah, nice one @gorb! No it wont be related to any Disney character.

    You're close @ekipage: It is in fact a river (or hopefully it will be), but no water fall.

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