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Thread: Dexter0015's WIP log

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    Again, the minotaur diorama is a work of art. The time you spent on that has paid off, it looks superb.

    I'll be voting on all your other pieces now, they all look amazing.

    Great start on this last bust piece too. Very excited to see where you take it.

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    thats a good start on the flesh tones. you have placed the light nicely.
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    Absolutely love that broken bridge dio that's in progress - may just have to replicate such an idea ! The Minotaur piece is truly unique and well executed as well!
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    Thanks guys!

    @TheLost: feel free to do so, it would be nice to see your interpretation of the subject.

    It make me think that starting a little diorama "contest" (nothing serious, just something friendly), could be fun. That do you guys think? would you be interested?

    Some updates :

    First on the bust:

    I pushed the highlights a little bit more and started adding soft shadows to blend this up:

    Then on the diorama:

    I placed the light with my airbrush. Needed to go back to it twice because my chip airbrush started to show signs of failure...

    Anyway, here is a salve of photos, including closer ones.

    I'm really happy with it so far, except for the brick parts. I mainly made this parts using foam and greenstuffworld roller pin, but it still looks like foam to me. I think I'll be able to rectify this unsing lightly textured paint though.

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    cool stuff its looking good. you have got a decent amount of different textures in it.
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    This base is looking fantastic Dexter!

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    that is a great dio! it will look grand all painted up

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    Way to go on this monstrosity of a dio - incredible is a word I use when I see something stellar-so this is incredible mate.

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    Thanks mates!
    I started to add some colors to the dio this weekend.
    And that's when my first fear apeared...
    After a gray under coat, I added multiples washes to the bridge section, and notice some weird effects on the foam.
    So I added a coat of gloss varnish to help secure things before it goes out of control...
    It seems to created the desire effect and my level of stress fall down pfouu.

    here is the result so far.
    It is just a first pass though, but it's a start.

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    Lovely stuff!

    The texture and variation in scale and size of rubble throughout works brilliantly Dex

    I think the bridge brickwork will work out fine once painted, it actually provides a nice vontrast between the manmade an natural elements.

    Loads of potential here

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    Small update, just some highlights to the terrain and some variations on the bridge bricks.

    next step will be to add highlights to hte bridge, then I'll start adding some folliages.

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    Looking fab Dexter! Are you going to add some water effects, or is this going to be a dried-up stream?

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    I will try to make it semi-dry with some parts with really light stream or no stream at all. It's gonna be tricky I think.

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    Great looking terrain project going on here! I'm sure you're going to add some plants to it. If so, what's the plan?

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    the painting is looking good so far. you have some nice tones in the earth
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    Well, I don't have a really precise plan.
    When I'm working on a base, I like to start with a general idea I have in mind, then I compose the scene as it's taking shape.
    It's can be dangerous in some cases, but I like working like this because it let enough place for late changes, especially during the building phase.

    For this project though, I will stay soft as i really want the bridge to be the main piece of the landscape.

    So I think I will mostly add grass (don't know yet if I will use static grass of grass mat, I really like the last one though), a bush or two, and some plants.

    I ordered a bunch of small plants recently and receieved it last week (all the plastic bags on the photo).

    My idea is to create a clear and clean landscape, but dotted with details.

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    This will look great with all this different foliage

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    I won't use all. It's just the panel I will have to choose from ...
    I just finished the paint job on the bridge, so this week-end I will start adding foliage to the base, new pics soon.

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